Let’s settle our differences

The more priority is given to religion, ethnicity and culture, the more crises we have. I am sad over the attacks in some sections of the nation. But seriously I don’t understand the caricature behind the ongoing turmoil.

Constitutionally, every Nigerian has right to live and own a property wherever he/she desires irrespective of religion, ethnicity and cultural boundaries. Unfortunately, some have been killed while others injured just for residing in some parts of their fatherland.

We are one Nigeria no matter the regional or ethnic colouration. Then why the brouhaha if not planned by a few? I guess there are people behind this pandemonium, people who hate others living in peace and harmony due to personal gain and not because of Nigeria or progress of the region they belong to.

Such people are doing more harm than good to our communities through the use of unscrupulous elements, recruiting them with weapons and drugs to annihilate our communities and destabilize our peace.

Some Nigerians really need orientation on the significance of unity in diversity, because there is no way we can keep allowing the few to compromise our lives due to personal gain.

The dramatic part of this is the land, the region, the religion, the culture plus the ethnicity we claim to belong exist before us and still we will leave them here. Then why must you fight about them hence we are leaving them here? All the regions depend on one another and non can exist without the other. Let’s consider our unity in diversity and avoid the trash.

Today Hausa/Fulani are being attacked in Yoruba land, tomorrow Yoruba will be attacked in Igbo land, Igbo in Hausa/Fulani land, thereafter will be the minority. Is that how we want to end up in spilling the blood of our brothers and sister in the name of religion and tribalism?

Hmm!! The answer should be written in capital letters. Both the Islam and Christianity are against such acts. Therefore, we need to tell ourselves the truth behind good teaching of our religions if not we may end up worse it without having the mechanism to solve such conflicts.

Finally, I call on the masterminds to fear God and stop generating conflict among Nigerians. And for the government to stand up and do the needful by fishing out the culprits to face the wrath of the law before people start taking their destiny in their own hands.

Ukasha Rabiu Magama,

Department of Mass communication,

University of Maiduguri

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