Letter to Governor Bala Mohammed

Governor Bala Mohammed

With due respect, I want to use this medium to draw your attention to the current situation of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Toro local government area of Bauchi stateHis excellency sir, it’s pertinent to note that the crisis trying to rock the party in Toro will do serious harm to the party come 2023 elections if not checked.
This is as a result of the activities of some unscrupulous elements in your midst who deliberately refuse to provide the party’s stakeholders with credible information regarding the situation in Toro due to selfish reasons; they always report to you that there is no problem in PDP in Toro. This is not true.
To hit the nail on the head, there are rumours that you (Governor Bala) wants to give a direct ticket to a particular candidate for the House of Representatives come 2023 general elections.
If this happens, the party will experience massive failure in the local government area. Toro people are yet to decide on any candidate. So, given your accountability and transparency, don’t ever try this, please as doing so will do great harm to the party in the state and at the national level, by extension.

Therefore, we want to you to clear the air and assure Toro populace of free and fair primaries, and this should be done through s delegation of members to come to Toro and find out the truth of the matter.
We seriously want to exercise our right as citizens of Bauchi state. Finally, there is nobody on the party’s front page till primaries are conducted, we don’t have candidate, and don’t give or back anybody until we decide.
Ukasha Rabiu Magama,Toro, Bauchi state