Letter to Governor Lalong

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My regards and respectable salutations go to the workaholic Governor of Plateau state, Rt. Hon. Barrister Simon Bako Lalong. I write to inform you about the education standard and situation of the Dadin Kowa area of Jos South, Plateau state. Education in Dadin Kowa is quite stable but it lacks adequate public schools, especially primary and secondary schools.

Education is the backbone of every society and the key to achieving goals, especially to the young ones who are  the leaders of tomorrow. Also, Dadin Kowa requires more public schools which are more affordable.

Dadin Kowa has just RCM Zarmaganda Primary School and Government Secondary School Kufang, Miango Road, Jos. Apart from these two public schools, the remaining schools are all private schools which higher in number and unfortunately, unaffordable for parents. 

However, many parents patronise private schools due to the inadequacy of public schools, which are meant to provide for the need of every society. The able and humane governor, we your intervention to resolve this education crisis in Dadin Kowa and Jos South at large.

Abubakar Isah,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri,

Borno state

[email protected]

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