Letter to Governor Lalong

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Education stands as the right to our society which falls under the constitutional provisions in Nigeria.

It’s all believed that the people of Jos North’s local government played a crucial parin’ t being being the governor of the state for both the first and the second tenures.

It’s also believed that we make part in ensuring that you fulfilled one of your campaigning promises which is to rule a peaceful plateau as presently now.

However, we remain resolute and committed to seeing that peace is fully back on a plateau. With thpersonsof, Jos North deserves more from your administration, especially in the education sector since from the preliminary stage of primary and secondary education.

Can you imagine we have only one primary and one secondary school for the whole Anguwan Rogo and Anguwan Rimi Community!!! Even the one we have is having a relatively conducive environment within it.

It’s all in our minds that your tenure is lapsing on or before 3 months later, but still, there is a huge development you can initiate out there so that when the person succeeds you come will take from where you stop.

Muhammad Auwal Muhammad
University of Maiduguri

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