Letter to Governor Yahaya

Please, kindly permit me some space in your widely read newspaper to humbly and sincerely commend Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya and the APC administration in Gombe state for the unprecedented feat in the construction of Talasse-Dong-Reme-Degri road within a very short time. You have indeed solved one of the greatest problems facing the people.

This is an appreciable effort and we must be grateful to the government for very decisive, bold, and courageous approach in addressing this issue not through a litany of clichés or media jingles or speeches, but through commitment and funding. We now see connectivity, opening up and fast-coming development of the socio-economic potential of our people and the area.

When I first plied the road last week, I could hardly believe my eyes as many indigenes and citizens of Waja land and Gombe state had almost lost confidence in the desire and intention of any governor not from the area to construct the road at least in the next 30 years. By this single act of ingenuity, love, care, sympathy, compassion, commitment, faith and action in governance and politics, you have indeed set the pace. This demonstration to meet the aspirations and yearnings of the people for rapid socio-economic and political development can better the lots of the grassroots. You have given the citizens a sense of belonging, wiped away deprivation, anxiety, hopelessness, gloom, frustration, lamentations, poverty and despair among the citizenry to which they have been subjected by successive governments for the past decades. I salute Governor Inuwa Yahaya and doff my hat for him and the state assembly. I am doing this particularly because they have done their noble work efficiently and indeed very commendable and to encourage them to increase their loyalty and service to the state and considering the over-reaching importance and significance of the Waja people.

Equally very commendable is the recent announcement by government of the unprecedented increase in salaries and allowances of traditional rulers across the state. The gesture will raise the status and zeal of the traditional rulers and improve their productivity, dignity and gain the love and esteem of their devoted subjects. It is indeed an honour and recognition for their faithful services which they so justly merit as part of the key development drivers.

Finally, I am of the belief that they have demonstrated unselfish devotion to democratic principles and worked truly for the citizens and they need the understanding and cooperation of every citizen in our joint efforts to fast-track our development drive. Like the governor and legislature, too, citizens who have the passion, courage, determination, trust to move the state forward should be given all possible encouragement and be carried along.

Bravo!! Governor Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya, and more grease to your elbows.

Ibrahim Hamman Degri,

Federal Lowcost, Gombe,

Gombe state

[email protected]