Letter to Kaduna Refinery

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The non-payment of the casual staff of Kaduna Refinery for three months in this difficult time while they still work is evil. 
Please, note your casual workers deserve preferential treatment for their hard work. Not being paid for three months is inhuman and a demonstration of lackadaisical attitude about their wellbeing. 
If not for the corruption in our system, the direct employment of your casual workers is long overdue.
Because of the unemployment dilemma in the country, they have accepted to work as casual staff even after knowing they will be shortchanged. You underpaid them but they don’t complain. Yet, the little left for them is still not given to them!
I am not begging you but asking you to release their three months outstanding salaries! 
Henceforth, I will beam my searchlight on the direction of Kaduna Refinery to ensure the coverage of what happens there.
Awunah Pius Terwase,Mpape, Abuja[email protected]08171565145

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