Letter to Mr President on AI 2018 report

Sir, this is to draw your attention to the false and biased report of the Amnesty International on the Fulani pastoralists. Certainly, the 2018 report by this organization has been seen by the Miyetti Allah Wallidira, Fulani Initiative for Peace and Orientation to be biased and capable of causing crisis in the country.

The intention of the report is to indict the entire Fulani people in the country. The report is particularly targeted against the entire Fulani race; we can’t accept that report, as it is unfortunate that Amnesty International can release such a report that is not acceptable in any civilized society.
As peace loving people in Nigeria, we totally reject the Amnesty International report. It is unfortunate for such an organization that is supposed to be respected as arm of the United Nations to be so biased on Fulani pastoralists.

The Fulani group as peace loving people, we are calling on the United Nations and the international community to look into the activities of the leadership of Amnesty International in Nigeria so that they would not cause more harm to the existing injury caused by their misleading information.
We also call on our dear President Muhammadu Buhari to kindly expel the Amnesty International from Nigeria so that they do not continue to cause disunity in the country.

However, the United Nations is the last hope of every society in the world, all agencies operating under them are supposed to be neutral and upright so that their information can be such that everybody would respect and regard as reliable information.
 Unfortunately, in the case of Amnesty International in Nigeria, the story is different, they are completely politicized, and they refused to notice that the killer herdsmen are different from the peace loving Fulani people in the communities.
Amnesty Internati

onal has refused also to report places were innocent Fulani children and old people were killed.
In Numan, Adamawa state, over 120 children and old Fulani pastoralists were killed in their home and cut to pieces by the Bachama militia and in Gembu, Taraba state, thousands of armless Fulani were killed, their homes, animals and properties destroyed by the Mambila militia. Also in Benue state, some Fulani travelers were killed and burnt to ashes but Amnesty International did not see all these as important issues to report.

Even the crisis in Zamfara state and Birnin Gwari in Kaduna state, where numbers of people are being killed, kidnapped daily, Amnesty International didn’t say anything about all that because it is not part of their interest.
The Fulani group further commended Nigeria security agencies for their neutrality and professionalism in their work, as without them, even Amnesty International cannot go about doing their false/biased report. Therefore, the security agencies deserve commendation by all well-meaning organizations in Nigeria.
Hon. Yusuf Musa Ardo,
National Chairman,
Miyetti Allah Wallidira,
Fulani Initiative for Peace and Orientation, Abuja.

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