Letter to NSA Babagana Monguno

Dear Sir,

I have never written to you either in private or in public and I have never come across you, and I do not think I ever will. But the current and most recent events in the country demand that any individual that is concerned about the future of this country called Nigeria, and our unborn citizens, should call your attention sir. It is not out of disrespect that I write you this letter sir, it is out of passion for our beloved country. Your principal, President Muhammadu Buhari, told us when I was a little primary school boy, that, “Nigeria is our country, and we have no other country to salvage but Nigeria.”

Sir, recent major ugly events in the country need your attention with the utmost seriousness than any other person. First is the attack on the presidential convoy. Even if the number one citizen is not involved in the ugly incident, it is really shameful to the Nigerian state. Sir, how could the presidential advance party be travelling in those hours of the night? How did the bandits know of the itinerary of the AP? Sir, are you telling Nigerians that the people you trusted in keeping the president and his family safe, are travelling without a back-up?

Sir, how appropriate is it to provide air cover for the presidential team from Abuja to Kaduna, then another air cover from Kaduna to Katsina, and finally, from the border of Kaduna state and Katsina state all the way to Daura? This is the practice the world over, why not in Nigeria? These questions really need to be answered either by your office or somebody else. The National Assembly needs to take this matter of attacking the presidential team seriously. In fact, it needs to be viewed from a treasonable offence angle.

The second event sir, was the Kuje prison attack in the vicinity of the Nigerian CAPITAL TERRITORY! Sir, this catastrophic act is too much for Nigeria to bear. Though your background is military, I firmly believe there are lots of experts you are working with. You need to critically ask the question of why would over 60 suspected terrorists be kept in one prison facility and in a single unit within the facility? This is a serious security breach of the prison system as well as putting the lives of the officers in danger sir. Any serious prison system would not hold more than four high profile inmates at a time in order to avoid this kind of catastrophic incident.

Sir, as the leader of Nigerian security/intelligence architecture, our systems need to be overhauled completely and totally. Failure to do that, this catastrophic incident is just beginning. As you are aware, the two leading partners of Nigerian security and intelligence gathering and sharing nations have already issued a stern warning that another attack of this scale is imminent!

One way to reorganise our security and intelligence structure is by collaborating with former security and intelligence heads of agencies. A good way here is the advice or suggestion of retired Brigadier General Haliru Akilu, whereby all former heads of the security and intelligence agencies will have a forum where they will discuss and analyse security and intelligence situations in the country and advise the government appropriately. This is just one of the many aspects of addressing our current security/intelligence failures sir.

Sir, the third event that followed the two mentioned above, was letting the president to WALK from eid prayer back to his house in Daura. This is one of the highest levels of suicide any person occupying your position would commit. With the two events above, no one will understand the logic of the president walking back to his house on eid day.

Sir, just imagine that the incident of J F Kennedy, late U S president, happened in Daura, or history repeating itself, in regard to late General Murtala Muhammad! What would be your reactions as well as other heads of security agencies? Then the blame game will start. To avoid that incident from happening, it is good if you will take full charge of the Nigerian security apparatus sir. This include the presidential guard.

Sir, getting advice from experts in your area of callings is not a shortcoming, rather, it will be a huge success for you personally and the nation in particular. In this regard, both Majors Haruna Jokolo and Al-Mustapha need to be consulted for reshaping Aso Rock presidential guards.

May Allah guide you in protecting Nigeria and Nigerians in general, Ameen.


Mustapha Maikudi Abdullahi,

Texas, United States

[email protected]

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