Letter to PDP Kaduna South

As one with passion for politics and one who has faith in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, it baffles me the way and manner the party makes some sensitive decisions. In fact, most times I feel like giving up on them.

However, because of my faith in them,  I sacrificed my life and contested for the post of PDP youth leader in my ward, Ward 12, in Kaduna South local government area of Kaduna state in the just concluded congress. Alhough, I lost, but it’s a plus for me.
However, history has shown that PDP has never won Kaduna South federal constituency right from day one up to 2019 general election. My findings revealed that this is as a result of the inconsistency in party.
To buttress my point, let me highlight some incidents that happened in KDSLG during the just concluded Kaduna state chairmanship election, which would reflect what happened in the past.

The PDP had three contestants, namely, Zailani
AJ Musa, Engineer Hannafi and Malam Umar. They all belonged to different factions in the local government and each faction has different goals to achieve or hidden agenda to accomplish, mostly to destroy the other camps. This resulted to the party’s failure during the election

If we look at the way things are happening in the party, we might say that majority of the party members have turned the party to an investment house, because they are not after the success of the party, so they don’t care if the party collapses, all they care is to collect  money from the aspirants.

On the other hand, we could also blame the aspirants for their irrationality and unpatriotism towards the party’s victory. They should have been organised and settle themselves by endorsing the best among them. Unfortunately, they didn’t, they followed their personal and mischievous interest and at the end, they all failed.

Considering the way things are happening in the party, one could describe the party as a sinking ship or a survival of the fittest because only the powerful among them can survive.

Now, the party is having new faces or aspirants for the seat of Kaduna South federal constituency in the 2023 general elections. It’s obvious that history will repeat itself, and only God knows what will happen.

If the party executive means good and wellbeing of the party, this is the right time for them to come as one family, and select one person that can do the job without fear or favour among the aspirants.

Similarly, for the aspirants, if they really care about the party’s success and they mean good about it, then it’s a high time they endorsed the most capacitated person among them. They shouldeweight things from different angles. I’m optimistic that if they do this, victory will be ours, but if otherwise, then it’ll  forever become business as usual.

Abubakar Muhammad Sani,Kaduna[email protected]

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