Letter to Power Minister Mamman

Sir, meekly permit me to congratulate you on your well-deserved appointment as the new minister of power. The power sector is one of the propellers and a necessity for economic prosperity of every nation globally, so getting right is a panacea to the sector which that needs an urgent revival, repositioning for utmost performance and stability. We pray to Almighty Allah to grant you more wisdom, good people around you and grace as you march to bring the much needed succors to the citizenry in the power sector  as you  set to pilot Power sector affairs one sector that all eyes on it.

“What I need from Nigerians at this time is prayers. I have just been appointed minister of power, so I have nothing much to talk about or say than for Nigerians to pray for me to succeed”.

Mamman’s assignment came as a surprise to some as the ministry was previously under the stewardship of former Lagos governor, Babatunde Fashola, who was reappointed and also sworn in for another stint in Buhari’s cabinet on Wednesday.

The Power Ministry holds a lot of political implications as the country has failed for decades to adequately supply electricity to its estimated population of 200 million people.

While the President Muhammadu Buhari government has identified improving power supply as a key to improving economic growth, growth in the power industry has been sluggish with many parts of the country still deprived. Hence your assertion that you need prayers from well-meaning Nigerians to succeed must be taken vehemently in order to enable you the Honourabke Minister of power in check-mating the activities of the DISCOs owners on the maltreatment Nigerians and businesses electricity wise must be taking seriously, henceforth; the federal government had no choice than to deliver, is a true justification of your readiness to right the wrongs in the power sector.  

The Hon. Minister, you are at verge of making a history in the power sector, your pedigree and intellectual capability will surely stand you out before you hit the ground running. Those who know you very well are happy for your appointment as new minster of power and indeed all Nigerians.

All the rubbish they say about investor confidence is like basket that does not hold water, because no investor has shown interest and to customers, electricity supply under the present so ‘’called private investors are worst of’’. The cabals that are sagging against the reversal of the privatization cannot be a problem to you and the Federal government of Nigeria. In fact, a fervent review must be done most of the bidders to ascertain the authenticity of the whole process of the privatization of PHCN. 

As there were several banner headlines then preceding to the handing over of the sector through the  Bureau of Public Enterprises that announced those who won the bids based on some key performance indicators and none of them has achieved any of the set objectives so far going forward, this is why Nigerians electricity customers are lamenting the excesses of the DISCOs operators who cannot pick the load on feeders to further impoverish the populace electricity wise, in fact, Nigerians expect explanation from Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

The FGN still owns 40% through BPE and still the major single shareholder in these companies appears to be a political-tele-marketing under PMB’s watch yet he said; he will kill corruption and impunity before the duo kill Nigerians remain to be seen, is like PMB is alone in his quest for corruption and impunity free Nigeria. You come on board as a child of necessity to bring fresh air in the power sector.  

The dilemma is that the representative of the government who are staff of the BPE do not care about the FGN holding but it rather unfortunate they do not protect the interest of their pay master, the FGN but connived with the new owners to wreak havoc both on staff and finances of these companies. They have a lot of explanations to give either here on earth and even beyond. The regulator (NERC) could not enforce its guidelines on all aspects their work and was forced to soft pedal after its initial Open Book Review. The rot continues under its watch, it appears like it is a toothless bull dog.

 However, ‘’You Have Compromised,  the 8th Senate Tells BPE Staff On GENCOs, DISCOs Board” which the 8th Senate had raised questions about the ability of staff of the Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE) are toothless bulldog to supervise privatisation of the power sector, saying they have been compromised with gifts from the power companies is enough revelations that: some members of staff of the BPE who are on the board members of some of the registered power generation and distribution companies received exotic Prado jeeps as privileges at the expense of Nigerians who voted for APC, so what PMB for to act? Sincerely speaking if this administration is serious about fighting corruption and unemployment then, the power privatisation must be revisited, thoroughly be reviewed and those behind the mess to face criminal charges no matter highly placed they are for the interest of Nigerians.  

Bello Alhaji writes from Jalingo, Taraba state.

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