Letter to the incoming government

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Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu

Power is key, and to lead is vital. For any successful nation, lies a successful, dedicated and humble leader. Politics in Nigeria is an imperative game played by the political gladiators, it is a matter of who knows how to play it best that makes a good leader, irrespective of your tribe, race or where you hail from. Nigeria is not an exception in this game. 

Because it is key, interesting, thriving, sensitive, leadership connotes the good, the bad and the ugly, it is sometimes bloody! 

The administration of leadership in Nigeria is always in favour of the few as majority of the citizenry complain on the exclusion and non dividend of democracy in their respective areas.

This can evidently be seen when looking at the level of unemployment in the country since those without jobs are unarguably more than the employees.

Lack of jobs is a global trend as witnessed in South Africa during xenophobic attacks on foreigners including Nigerians who reside there. The attackers alleged that their jobs were taken away by non-indigenes, while they wander from place to place in search of jobs.

Though, that should not be an excuse for government’s inability to create jobs for the unemployed youth, who in many cases are being used by selfish and evil groups to perpetrate mayhem as seen in the case of Boko Haram, bandits and many more.

The newly elected leaders who are warming up to pilot the affairs of Nigeria, starting from the local government to the state and federal levels, after their inauguration should know that job creation is one of the tools for fighting the ravaging insecurity in the country.

No government or leadership can perfectly cater for all and satisfy everyone but at least, majority of the citizenry should give a good remark about a government or a leadership.

Again, creating an enabling environment for citizens is as good as creating jobs for unemployed youth since that will help them to be self-reliant instead of waiting for government to provide jobs. 

For example, the availability of power supply can definitely create jobs for welders who use metals to make doors, chairs, beds and so on. 

The incoming government should, please, take job creation very seriously and should ensure an enabling environment if it wants to succeed in addressing unemployment, insecurity and other problems confronting the nation due to the overwhelming level of idleness in the country.

Awunah Pius Terwase,

human rights activist,

Mpape, Abuja


[email protected]

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