Letter to Unimaid VC Aliyu Shugaba

Sir, first let me use this medium to congratulate you on your appointment as the vice chancellor, University of Maiduguri. I wish you a successful tenure and may God almighty give you the knowledge and wisdom to take this prestigious university to greater heights.

I write to highlight some of the problems related to e-examination in line with students’ learning.  E-examination was introduced with good intentions as an improvement in the technology aspect and for the purpose of transparency in the grading system. However the e examination has some draw backs, especially for students of department like Mass Communication, English, the entire Faculty of Management Sciences and so on.

For example, in the Arts Department, students are expected to gain knowledge of how to write effectively and compose news stories, write books, novels, poems, etc. And for departments who deal in calculations, like the management sciences, students are expected have a strategic mind of calculations which will be best for a written examination because the e-examination does not provide avenue for students to have improve ability to write or do calculations freely.

However the school has denied this utmost opportunity for the afore-mentioned departments and faculty by introducing e-examination which does not allow for effective testing of students’ ability and which does not seek to produce future creative writers.

I believe that e-examination is going to have adverse effect on students of these departments. To avert this disaster, the affected students should be allowed to take written examination to help enhance effective learning.

As a student of this great university, I will like see that you make decisions that will help students in understanding and having practical field experience in their various professions.

Salvation Jahknwa,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri

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