LG autonomy: Govs are the enemies

It’s obvious, local governments, like state and federal governments, have their separate constitutional powers which guide their administration. The residual power is meant to equip lower entities with privilege to develop, but sadly in the case of Nigeria some devils have snatched it from them for being weak to protect it.

Sadly, in line with this, LG will receive money from FG and unfortunately state governors will take the money back to their murky accounts which are meant to subjugate the local men. They do this simply because they are the ones who crown the chairmen and therefore they have no power rejected their demands no matter how devil its.

It’s a sign of a sheer madness and absolute absurdity to see LG chairmen are taking the whooping amount of money sent to them by FG as part of their monthly allocation to the demigods they worship in their states government houses. This is highly abominable.

Such lunatic practice is uncalled for, honestly. Can you imagine that FG is trying hard to free LGs from the shackles of state slavery but those gullible men are busy undermining their efforts? It must really hurt any patriotic citizen who knows the level of pains people are enduring as a result of poor government representative at the lower levels.

Now that time has come with a chance that will set us free from modern political slavery through Buhari administration, unfortunately some bunches of goons that do not know their worth are looking for ways to lose the opportunity. They don’t deserve to be there sincerely, they are not leaders rather bootlickers and rubber stamp council men.

Nevertheless, it often gives me sleepless nights when I see how these greedy men called governors possess the guts to be mercilessly pocketing the treasury of the weaker government at the detriment of hoi polloi living there. Huh! People that deserve your assistance but you end of robbing them in daylight, this is madness.

Meanwhile, the kind of burden that lies upon the yoke of LGs is somehow unbearable because it is where almost all societal ills are rooted. As such they need clemency to save themselves.

We won’t take it, every chairman should be held accountable for the money he receives monthly from the federation account else this madness wouldn’t end any soon. Likewise, the governors should be warned by the president himself about their asymmetrical relationship between state and LG. Enough is enough!

That’s the only way to save local people from living in the abyss of marginalization by their respective state authorities. We have to pay an utmost respect and care to this channel. We should however avoid making ourselves subjects of ridicule by misplacing one power with the other. When the state should be blamed for something we should just throw our tantrum at that direction, same to government at federal level not even to talk of the lowest one which the most populous subject of victimization.

And to be sincere to ourselves and to those running our affairs, PMB deserves to be eulogized and respected at all cost for this giant and commendable move towards actualizing the dream of a commoner.

Soon the prey will escape the deadly trap of the monstrous predators through merciful presidential intervention.

May Nigeria succeed!

Abdulrahman Yunusa,


[email protected]mail.com

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