ll deal with ‘thieving’ commercial banks if elected president – Hagher

A presidential aspirant on the platform of Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prof Iyorwuese Hagher has threatened to deal with commercial banks in Nigeria if he is elected as president of the country.
Describing the banks as “comprehensive crime scene”, Prof Hagher alleged that 350 Nigerians owed banks to the tune of N4.3 trillion, alleging that banks steal from their customers to declare fantastic profits and collude with less than 500 Nigerians to take away money in loans which are then declared delinquent.
Hagher who made this disclosure when he led his supporters to headquarters of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) to purchase the presidential nomination form, said “My presidency will not tolerate the criminals as is being done now.” The former Minister of Power and Steel who was accompanied by a handful of impoverished Nigerians to the party secretariat, claiming that they paid the sum of N11million to buy his nomination form, promised he would sanitize the financial sector if elected president.
He said l: “I will arrest economic decline by sanitizing the finance sector, which is nothing but a comprehensive crime scene.
Three hundred and fifty Nigerians owe 4.3 trillion naira to banks.
“Nigerian banks are stealing from their customers and declaring fantastic profits and colluding with less than 500 Nigerians to take away money in loans, which are then declared delinquent.
My presidency will not encourage nor tolerate these criminals as is being done now.” “This form is the first shot we have taken at the wickedly expensive system of politics in Nigeria which is skewed against the poor and until today and now, being preserved exclusively for the very rich of the population.
In recent times, Nigeria passed the “Not Too Young To Run bill.” “But we forgot to abrogate the unwritten law of “Too Poor To Run” which is passionately enforced by the parties and the Independent National Electoral Commission.
Nigeria must provide a level playing field to protect our democracy from being a democracy of the rich for the rich by the rich.
This is why I am running for president.

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