How I made millions after my marriage collapsed –Maryam Ceeter

Last year, Maryam Isa Abubakar popularly known as Ceeter, got married to her long-time boyfriend in a colourful ceremony in Kano but the marriage collapsed after eight months. Ceeter quickly returned to Kano and was off the social circle for a while but she returned to acting and her fortunes took a dramatic turn for the best. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, Ceeter speaks on how she made her money and why her marriage collapsed.

What is the secret behind your sudden good fortune and wealth after your marriage crashed?

Well, it is from God. When I got married in the early 2017, I promised that I would not come back to Kannywood. I prayed hard for my marriage to be successful but unknown to me, the person I married had a hidden agenda. He didn’t want our marriage to be successful that was why he started creating problems which I could not bear.
So, we separated and I returned to my family house in Kano.

After second thought, I decided to register my own company, which I named ISNMOM Nigeria Ltd. I have employed about seven staff under me. I am involved in contracts and other businesses. That is how I made my money.

I am also back into acting. So far, since my return I have featured in many movies including Dr. Halima; Auren Yar fim; Kawaici; and Gidan Salim.

Some people believe that Kannywood actresses don’t make it marriage all they want is money and once they discover that the man they married is not rich they run away. Is this true?

God should punish whoever has this notion, we in Kannywood are as descent as any other lady outside the industry. I want those that will come here to marry us to fear God, the truth is if they come to us and want us to zip down for them, I mean if we refuse to have sex with them, they will now come up with marriage proposal and after the marriage and they have got what they will start creating problems and before you know it they will throw us out of their houses.

God is my witness, I wanted to make my marriage successful like my sister, Mansura Isa, who has been married to Sani Danja for 10 years. But as God will have it my marriage crashed and i am now back into acting.

I am still young and beautiful and the sky is my limit, I will be acting, producing films, as well as helping the poor. I will continue with my contract business and expand my company, if along the line I meet a serious and God-fearing man, I will marry again.

Some people say that since you became rich you have become you have become arrogant. How do you react to the accusation?

You can tell if I have changed or not. By the way, why should I be arrogant as a lady? And how rich am I that I will look down on people?

When I left Kannywood I was popular and when I returned I became more popular, that is to tell you that I’m not arrogant. I respect all those that are older than me within and outside Kannywood.

I know how to mind my business maybe that is why people are saying I’m arrogant. I don’t talk too much and I have few friends. There are many businesses that women can do apart from acting and when we get married we can assist our husbands when they don’t have.

What advice would you give to your friends in Kannywood and your fans?

It is unfortunate that people see us as cheap or school drop-outs, but in Kannywood there are people with PhDs, Masters’ Degrees, and other qualifications.

Government and businessmen should invest in Kannywood because they will get huge profit. Kannywood has changed because the world too has changed. People prefer to see us dress in tight dresses exposing our shapes and that is the only way our films will sell in millions.

The society is full of bad people. As long as we are not appearing naked and we are not kissing or hugging on stage what we are doing is legal. As such, the society should pray for us instead of cursing us because we are Muslims and children from good parents who are decent in all respect.

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