Magu: Looters plotting to truncate Buhari’s anti-corruption War – ZLP

National chairman of the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) has cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari to be conscious of those calling for the removal of the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crisis Commission (EFCC) Ibrahim Magu. 

The ZLP boss specifically described those calling Magi’s sack as ‘looters.’ 

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja Wednesday, ZLT chairman Dan Nwayanwu, said in the last few days there have been fathom allegations against the acting chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu. 

According to Nwayanwu, “there was an instance where Magu was accused of under-disclosure of an amount and when they got to the bank they got higher than that. If you have gotten lower than that, then it would raise questions. Maybe by the time you ask me it was 10 naira, before you got to the bank, more recoveries were made, it increased. If he had quoted 10 naira and you go to the bank and see less, then you would have reason to worry.” 

The ZLP chairman said: “The president knows that this fight against corruption is the only thing going for his government and they want to truncate it. I will advice the President to call on Magu to sit with him one on one. 

“He should ask Magu the whereabouts of all these monies scattered in the banks all over the world, running into hundreds of billions of naira that are on PND (post no debit) including funds in foreign currencies. These people will go to the people that will help them. They go to government people, business people to negotiate the percentage that would acrue to them if the money is released. But when they get to Magu’s table, they will meet a stumbling block. These funds are all over the banks. 

“There was even one recovered from a first generation bank, in billions, put in the system. They are not happy about it because they have concluded with what they will do with it. It is unfortunate that most Nigerians will be speaking out of ignorance. 

“I am from Imo state and I know the billions of naira stolen from our treasury. It pains me and my heart bleeds. These are the assignments that Magu must conclude. Unless the president will say, okay, all of you  that have stolen, go home and sin no more. Then we say bye-bye to the fight against corruption. I have just giving you one state where I have come from, and in this particular state, we can pinpoint where he put the money. Magu has finished his investigation, ditto in other states, ditto some former ministers. So they don’t want to see him have a date in court with them. 

“Mind you I am not trying to say that anybody is indispensable, but Magu has gone too far. He has recorded successes, he is not listening to corrupt Nigerians. A man that has achieved over one thousands convictions, recovered over eight hundred billion naira cash, which the president recently acknowledged. These things would be reversed if Magu is removed from office. That is what they want to achieve by that time corruption would have succeeded in fighting back. That is why the president should send his name to the senate for confirmation so that you would have given him teeth to bite. For now Ibrahim Magu is the best man for the job.” 

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