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By Valentine Okonkwo

“Falsehood flies and the truth comes, limping after it. As a lie travels around the globe, the truth is putting on its shoes. Falsehood will fly, as it were, on the wings of the wind, and carry its tales to every corner of the earth, while truth lags behind; her steps, though sure, are slow and solemn, and she has neither vigour nor activity to pursue and overtake her enemy. However, truth prevails at the end. The hand can never cover the light of the moon”


The above quote summarizes the ordeal of Hajiya Maimuna Aliyu and family. This hitherto unknown ex-banker had remained unknown until the 2nd day of August 2017 when her name was announced by the Presidency as one of the nominees for the Board of Independent Corrupt Practices and other offences Commission (ICPC). It is no longer news that the Presidency stood down her nomination on an account of allegations of frivolous petitions of fraud against her by her last employers, a claim yet to be investigated and or tried at any court of competent jurisdiction. In Maimuna’s case, the constitutional provision of presumption of innocence was thrown to the waste basket even as she was roundly sentenced to life of continuous harassments, hate publications and persecution.


The travails of Maimuna have recorded unprecedented press coverage and the determination of those she calls her traducers to destroy her has gained traction. The devil sure knows how to co-operate with his agents. While Hajiya Aliyu fought to clear her name of the allegations that were awash in the social and print media, meetings were ongoing in the covens of darkness to ensure that her character and personality are reduced to the barest worth. Now the Luciferal drama begins.


ACT 1 SCENE1 – The devil struck on the early hours of Sunday, November 19, 2017 as Bilyamin Bello Haliru, Maimuna’s son in-law died. As sorrowful and unfortunate as this incident portends, it was to be a foundation to series of anchorages to decimate Hajia Aliyu. The death must be traced to Hajia’s daughter and widow of the deceased –Mariam. Yes! She killed her husband. It does not matter if she is a nursing mother. It is of no consequence that she was the person that drove her husband to the hospital whereat he gave up the ghost. That the families of Haliru Bello and Sanda Aliyu quietly buried the deceased and went into mourning has no role in this drama. The target? Get Maimuna entangled in a murder case if not directly, let it be indirectly. Increase he pain and break her down.


ACT 1 SCENE 2. – This trial of Mariam Sanda Bello must be given all the sensationalism and coverage and it must be pointedly stated in each case that she is the daughter of Maimuna Aliyu. While that is on, the ICPC must be approached since the cohorts of her adversaries are still in that commission to expedite action in prosecution of Maimuna Aliyu on some unfounded fraud allegations. This will at least keep her away for some time and further break her down. What if the charges are not sustainable? It doesn’t matter provided she is docked and humiliated. This will achieve the purpose.


ACT 1 SCENE 3 – Since the charge sheet against Mariam Sanda Bello may lack enough evidence to support conviction, why not get the entire Aliyu Sanda family joined in the charge? How? You know the charge is that Mariam stabbed and killed her husband with a knife. Since the visitation to the crime scene could not reveal supportive evidence such as the weapon alleged, foot and finger marks or even blood stains, the entire family can be joined in an amended charge as accessories after the fact. Yes! They tampered with the evidence. But how can you prove this? Does it matter? As long as Maimuna will be dragged about and disgraced. That does the job.


The melancholic situation around the home of the Aliyu Sanda is of course a source of joy to the camp of the enemy.  The drama is on and we are watching. The truth is that prosecution is lawful and the just will always have justice. Persecution places the truth on trial. It is the crucible. It is a situation of severe trial which leads to something new. How I wish we all have consciences. The Conscience is an open wound, only the truth can heal it.


– Valentine Okonkwo, Lagos. Nigeria

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