Making Kala-Ogoloma relevant in Rivers

Kala Ogoloma is the sub-clan of Ogoloma speaking people of Okrika Nation in the land that has become Port Harcourt City of Rivers State.
The creation of this Kingdom and the subsequent coronation of HRM, King Goddy Idaminabo Idikisime-Olunwa JP, on the 14th of October, 2017 as the King by His Majesty, the Amanyanabo of Ancient Ogoloma, King E.T.I.
Obudibo (Ikwo V) was a giant step forward, by the Okrika nation to reclaim its pride of place in the scheme of things in Rivers State.
During the kings remark, he stated that “The gathering of the Okrika Royalties and Great Alapus here today is very significant.
Significant because it will send notice to the cynics within and outside of Okrika that never again will the people of Okrika nay Kala-Ogoloma Kingdom allow themselves to be ignored in the scheme of things in Rivers State and the country in general’’ .
He rightly said that we have in the Kala-Ogoloma structure, the Royal Arm, the Chancellors and the Secretaries.
This is our own innovation to strengthen the traditional institution in a cosmopolitan city like Port Harcourt, as well as the state.
Dominic Eluagu [email protected]

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