Man loses ear over plate of rice

There was a mild drama yesterday in Gwazunu area of Suleja when a cripple allegedly chopped, chewed and swallowed his neighbour’s right ear over a bowl of rice.
Residents said the commotion started when the cripple, who is popularly known as dan-gurugu, wanted to join his neighbour, Gbenga, in eating from a plate of rice but Gbanga did not allow that.
An argument was said to have ensued and another neighbour, Ebo, came in to cheer dan-gurugu, but out of anger, he chopped off Ebo’s right ear with his walking stick.

Dan-gurgu reportedly picked the writhing ear from the ground and swallowed it.
Residents could not attack him as he is disabled; however, Ebo was rescued from him and taken to the ‘B’ Divisional Police Station, Suleja.
A police source, who craved anonymity because he was not authorised to speak on the matter, said the case had been settled and resolved amicably.
“Currently Ebo is on treatment,” the source said.

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