Mararaba police raid hotels, guest houses for criminals

Th e police in Mararaba ‘A’ Division of Karu local government area in the neighbouring Nasarawa state have begun to raid hotels and guest houses following a tip-off that criminal elements were using such places as their hide-outs. Blueprint gathered from top police sources at the division that the Divisional Police Offi cer (DPO), SP Liman Abubakar, had got information that most hoteliers had connived with criminal elements and, therefore, allowed them to take refuge in their facilities as their hideouts.

But the sources disclosed that on getting the information, the DPO ordered the routine raid of the suspected places to ensure that the criminals were fi shed out. Th e source said: “It has been discovered that some lodge into these hotels as guests and continue staying there for a long period without their missions or nature of business clearly stated. Th ey remain in the hotel in the day time only to go out at night. “Th e hoteliers are supposed to know the caliber of guest they are harboring but it has been discovered that most of them deliberately connive with them to perpetrate crime and criminality.

What will happen is that, those hoteliers too will be dealt with.” Blueprint further gathered that the issue of land speculators or racketeers would be severely dealt with Abubakar declaring war on them. He was quoted to have said: “How can you just go, look at somebody’s plot or land somewhere and assume ownership then sell it out to multiple buyers. During my time, I will not allow them, I will chase them.”

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