‘Marrying man with 3 wives like settling for expired commodity’

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Aisha Abubakar Usman is only one year old in ; however, the 24-year-old actress has featured in more than 30 hit movies like Blackberry; Achuci Maza; and Ibro Maciji. Aisha, who obtained a Diploma in Civil law from college of Islamic and legal studies, Kano, before venturing into acting, speaks to ALIYU ASKIRA on marriage, acting and challenges in the industry.

Is there any relationship between your role in the film Acuci maza (Ways to cheat men) and your character in real life? Do you hate men too?

‘Acuci maza’, as you know, is just a film. God in His infinite mercy created men and women to live side by side, to complement each other. How can I hate men? It is all about entertainment and awareness creation, period.

Are you a graduate at 21 years?
Not exactly, I have a Diploma in Law but people call me Barrister. Insha Allah, I will soon go back to school and read Law, that is, if I don’t marry soon.

So, you are getting married soon?
I did not say so. The truth is I have suitors, some are even in this film industry. The thing is, I was severally approached for relationships. It is not easy for a lady of my age to say she has no boyfriend. People say I am cute and attractive, a hot cake with plenty admirers. If that is true, I think I have a long way to go.

Marriages are breaking down at an alarming rate. If you get married how do you intend to keep your man?
Try me! When I get married, I won’t allow people to see my husband frequently on the streets. Again, I will treat my husband with all the care like egg, no quarrels, no misunderstanding.

Will you then marry a polygamous man, with say three wives?
God! Love, they say is blind but to marry a man with three wives is not an easy thing. It’s like settling for an expired commodity at first attempt.

Who are your role models in Kannywood?
Ali Nuhu; Adam A. Adam; Sadik Sani Sadik; Halima Atete; Asiah Ismiya; Zainab Indomie; Maryam Baban Yaro and Ummi Fulani.

What is your ultimate ambition in Kannywood?
Well, to be famous, to own my own a house, cars and possibly to be a female producer or director. But my ultimate dream remains to be a lawyer, I hate injustice.
Talking about injustice, have you ever featured in a film that you were not paid?
No! I don’t know why but they treat me fine. I am happy here.

You have travelled to many places including Niger Republic to shoot films. Has any director ever knocked on your hotel door?
Hmm, I understand where you are coming from. We do stay in hotels but we don’t share rooms with men and in all cases the producer always ensures that nobody messes up with anybody anyhow.
Look, we are not cheap as people think. Acting is a decent profession. It makes you popular, famous, rich and happy. If I am not happy, you would not have seen me here even for a million naira.

Do you like politics?
Somebody who is aspiring to be a lawyer cannot hate politics, especially the Kwankwaso brand of politics. The former governor Kwankwaso changed Kano completely during his tenure. In education, roads, electricity, water. I think he is the best thing that ever happened to Kano state. How I wish he would be the next president.

What will you do if he becomes president?
Well, I don’t have money but I can compose soul touching songs for him that will make him touch the sky. Then I would be proud to have witnessed his tenure as a president.

Kwakwanso has one wife, if he proposes will you say yes?
Such question doesn’t need an answer, it is double yes. I will love to have him as my husband. He is tough, courageous, intelligent, and still young and strong. How I wish Allah will answer my prayers in the affirmative?

Will you act nude for N10miilion?
That is madness, remember I am a Muslim. Even though I want to be rich, it should be through decent means, not through prostitution.

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