Maryland man’s $10,000 prize is his third major lottery win

lotery - Maryland man's $10,000 prize is his third major lottery win
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The Maryland Lottery said a man who claimed a $10,000 Keno prize has reason to consider himself lucky — the win was his third large lottery win.
Terry Smallwood, 53, of Germantown won $10,000 from a $15 6-spot Keno wager at the Sugarloaf Wine Cellar in Germantown, Maryland Lottery officials said.
Smallwood previously won $25,000 on Sept. 30 from a Pick 4 lottery drawing and $50,000 from a $20 scratch-off ticket he purchased seven years ago.
“I’ve been blessed to have been able to win money playing the Lottery,” he said. “It really is a gratifying feeling to win like this.”
Smallwood said he usually includes his “lucky numbers” in his lottery playing.
“I’ve been playing those numbers for nearly 30 years,” Smallwood said. “The numbers 2, 1, 5, 4 were part of a serial code on one of my old bank cards that I used to have years ago. I just liked those numbers, for some reason, and I’ve been playing them ever since.”

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