Matawalle awarded Kadimul Qur’an by Center for Qur’anic Reciters of Nigeria

The Center for Qur’anic Reciters of Nigeria has been given an honorary award to Zamfara state Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle as Servant of Qur’anic Knowledge (Kadimul Qur’an).

Presenting the award to the Governor at Government House Council Chamber Gusau, the national president of the Center for Qur’anic Reciters of Nigeria, Gwani Aliyu Salihu Turaki said, the rationale behind selecting Zamfara state Governor with the award was based on his contribution to the development of teaching of the Holy Qur’an and protecting the devine glory and mobility of the Holy Qur’an in the state.

“We decided to confer this award to Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle considering his holistic approaches to ending the desacration of the Holy Qur’an by some people in the state and also given room to Almajir Childs who were repatriated by some Governors from their respective states to come to Zamfara to continue with their Islamic knowledge”.

According to him, the position was for the Late Isyaka Rabiu Kano and group deemed it necessary to replace Late Isyaka Rabiu Kano with Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle based on his contribution for the propagating of Islamic Religion and Qur’anic Knowledge not only in Zamfara state but country as a whole.

He commended Matawalle for hosting the national conference on importance of Prayers in Resolving Nigeria’s Intractable Problems organized by the group in the state.

Zamfara state Governor had received hundreds of Almajiri children who were repatriated by some Governors in the North-west early last year from their respective states and give to them conducive learning environment for learning and teaching of the Holy Qur’an in Zamfara state.

Receiving the award, Matawalle thanks the center saying, he will use his vast experience to develop Qur’anic Knowledge and Islamic Religion in the state.

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