Materialistic massages responsible for suicide among Christians-clergy

Concerned about the alarming rate suicide especially among Christians in recent times, a clergy, Dr. Abel Damina, senior pastor Power City International Church, has attributed massages of earthly wealth acquisitions by most pastors as responsible for the trend

Damina said the content of messages preached in churches by pastors and evangelists are too materialistic and encourages their followers to seek material wealth more than the salvation preached by Jesus Christ.

Damina, who was preaching on a radio Programme monitored in Uyo by our correspondent, maintained that the type of messages preached in churches compel Christian to commit suicide.

He said desperate greed for worldly inheritance by some Christian faithful causes a lot depression amongst them when they are unable to satisfy their greed.

He said: “Today, most Christians are losing touch with spiritual realities of a Christian life. Now, the true worth of a Christian is estimated by the number expensive cars, house and money they acquire.

“When those things don’t come, they become depressed. Why won’t they kill themselves, when people are not given the joy of salvation, when the joy salvation is being mocked and substituted with earthly possessions.

“In the churches pastors create in the members of the congregation appetite for material things, why would you not commit suicide. What they teach you is that you must make it, you must get it, you must take over.

“Those messages that make you feel like God is not trying, that God has forgotten you, even if God is blessing you, you are not aware of it, because where our eyes are (evil eye )you are so greedy all you want is to get it by all means, because today Christianity has been measured by material things ,but if all our hope is in this world, we become miserable.”

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