Maulud, a controversial act of worship

For a while I chose not to speak on this topic not because my ink has nothing to contribute on it neither am I afraid of facing challenges, but it is just because some times I don’t want to get involved in a complicated issues. But now I find it a bit necessary to express my opinion on the matter.

A true Islamic believer must love all the messengers of Allah including the last messenger Muhammad (SAW). In fact, it’s one of the attributes of faith to believe all the messengers of Allah.

On October 8, 2022, some people from across the globe would celebrate Maulud, which is the birthday of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), due to some reasons best known to them. But according to them, it was a day that Prophet Muhammad was born.

Islamically, whatever is considered as an act of Ibadat, that thing must have origin in Islam, it should be either a Direct Command from God “Allah” the most exalted or a command from the Prophet Muhammad SAW, like issue of ” Fasting in the month of Ramadan” and warning against the cursing of the” Prophet Muhammad’s Companions”. All these are examples of act of Ibadat, and they all have origin in Islam.

To begin with, to the best of my knowledge and ability, yet there’s no authentic information that reveals when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born, because at the time of his birth, there was no center for keeping such record and the people of that time didn’t bother to establish such center, because they have never thought of a time when people will bring something new into Islam and make it an act of worshipping Allah.

However, celebrating of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) birthday or showing concern on him, wouldn’t in anyway be an abomination. Besides, loving of Prophet Muhammad SAW is our first priority after worshipping Allah, but what makes it wrong or right, is the process (es) that someone follows when practicing such act.

Ideally, it’s wrong for a Muslim(s) to separate a day for which they’ll be remembering Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. In fact, a true lover of Islam shouldn’t have a specific day or time for remembering the prophet, everyday should be a day for remembering the prophet.

Notwithstanding, we don’t have any information on which day the prophet was born, but what kind of religion that is teaching a one day love for the prophet of Allah? Is it the prophet himself who told them to practice such act or they are following their own opinion?

Abubakar Muhammad Sani,
Kaduna, Kaduna state
[email protected]

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