Memo to Senator Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia

Some weeks back, I used to address you as His Excellency because you were the Jigawa state deputy governor. But after June 2019 when you were inaugurated as the senator, representing Northeast senatorial zone of Jigawa state in the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I will now address you as “Distinguished”.

Distinguished Senator Barrister Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia, a warm greeting to you sir. I congratulate and wish you well and also wish you the best of everything as you were sworn in as the senator of my constituency or senatorial zone. You will represent us for good four years In-sha-Allah.

Northeast Senatorial zone of Jigawa state  comprises eight local government areas. They are: Hadejia, Kafin-Hausa, Auyo, Kaugama, Malam-Madori, Birniwa, Guri, and Kiri – Kasamma local government areas.

There is a population of over one million people in the zone, who are predominantly Muslims. Our culture has been greatly influenced by Islamic practice. Fulani and Hausa are the commonly spoken languages in the zone even though there is a branch of Kanuri speaking language in Birniwa, Guri and Kiri-Kasamma.

Jigawa Northeast is a prosperous densely populated agricultural region in which millet, sorghum, beans, wheat, groundnut, maize, etc are produced. It is an important place for fishing and rearing animals. Also, other occupation like dying, weaving, blacksmithing, among others, are practiced in the senatorial zone.

The Hadejia Senatorial zone has produced ministers, ambassadors, judges, academicians, musicians, businessmen and deputy governors in which Senator Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia is one.

Sir, you should bear in mind that people voted you for change despite the giant stride and achievements of the immediate past senator (Senator Ubali Shitu) in which he did very well by providing a lot of educational, economic, and social amenities to the people of the zone. So, it is a great challenge for you at this crucial and material time to make a difference.

I want Senator Ibrahim to have positive thinking while dealing with criticism and problems that might come his way. What we hope for now is that, Senator Ibrahim will think of positive ways to move the Hadejia Senatorial zone forward because Jigawa state is lagging behind. We don’t have federal government presence in the zone.

The issue of federal character is there, lack of federal schools, federal agencies, parastatals and even the federal road are nowhere to be found in the zone. The very one that was linked to the zone is that of Kafin-Hausa – Jahun – Gaya to Wudil is in bad shape for years which needs to be repaired right before now but as President Muhammad Buhari promised during his campaign to fix the road, it is an opportunity for you to see to its speedy reconstruction.

You should liaise with your colleagues representing the other two senatorial zones in Jigawa state to make sure this road is fixed.

This road links many states with especially Northeast states. The road can serve as a means of transporting goods and services. Also, this road links the town were the state university, Sule Lamido University, is situated (Kafin-Hausa).

Sir, you should as well forget not with the issue of Hadejia-Jama’are River Basin. Also lack of opportunity for the youth from the zone to be recruited into military and para-military organisations is another nightmare in the zone. Hope you will be up and doing in this respect as well.

Distinguished Senator, your vast experience as a lawyer, former secretary to the state government (SSG), former commissioner and former deputy governor twice (for two terms) you have a better advantage because you know and understand the problems of our people, our state, the system of governance with relation to all necessary reforms.

It is our sincere hope that, the confidence reposed in you by the people and their expectations in terms of selfless service should constitute the motivating force in all your deliverance and activities in the upper legislative chamber by which there will be meaningful representation that will bring more development to the zone which the people are craving for.

Let us hope that, farmers in Hadejia zone will be givien maximum support in crop production including the use of modern mechanised farming system in order to encourage small scale irrigation farmers and the resurfacing and the full functioning of Hadejia-Jama’ar  River Basin is one of the greatest steps towards achieving that.

Also there is a great need to develop more grazing land to encourage and support livestock farming in which will go along way to reduce or stop clashes between farmers and Fulani as the administration of Sule Lamido did. You must liaise with the state government to achieve some of these programmes.

Also, we hope the Distinguished Senator will move some motions to checkmate the issue of social vices and immortality among the young generations and enhance our norms and cultural values.

Girl child education and Almajiri issue should also be considered. Issue of internal democracy and election irregularities should not be left behind. Sir, your eyes should be on the horizon on the federal and western world assistance programmes on potable drinking water and health facilities, among others, to do everything possible to bring them to your zone.Lastly, people should continue their steadfast prayers, demonstration of patience and good will at all times. Let us wish him well and may the God Almighty continue to help and guide our leaders aright

Adamu write from Kafin-Hausa Jigawa state [email protected]

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