Mexus making progress at Santa Elena mine

Mexus Gold US confirmed and restated that continuous leaching continues on its 5000 t heap leach pad. The returning solution from pad #1 continues to increase in values and flow.

Mexus expects the returns to stabilise in the next few days allowing for the gold extraction process to begin. The loading of an additional 5000 t of mineralised material on pad #2 will be completed by the end of the week.

The leaching of pad #2 will commence once returns from pad #1 peak. The company will have continuous flow from approximately 10 000 t of material on pads 1 and 2 with grades expected to reach 4.5 g/t gold.

The mining of an additional 5000 t of mineralised material has already begun and will be ready to place on pad #1 when leaching moves to pad #2. Global Mining Review reported.

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