Mindpower as panacea to development

After years of incubation, the fi rst Mind Switch Conference (MSC) was facilitated by Dr. Hephzibah Suobo, President, Hephzibah Leading Leaders Organizations (HELLO International) US, in collaboration with Apostle Thompson Akpoigbe, Resident Pastor of Transformers Chapel Nigeria. ENE OSANG, writes that the conference stresses the need for creativity amongst youths for a better Nigeria.

Following the economic downturn and poor state of creativity in the society today, the need for citizens particularly youths to focus more on the utilization of the human mind has been emphasized. It is argued that some Christians have indoctrinated to be highly spiritual and completely useless in the use of mental creativity and excellence. Th is, it is said breeds indolence and lack of creativity especially amongst young people (Generation Xers).

It is to this end that the MSC which recommend a change in the mindset of Christians especially the youths was organised, stressing on the importance of redefi ning the spiritual, mental and physical attributes of man. Delivering a lecture at the conference titled “From Manpower To Mind Power” the Facilitator, Dr. Suobo, said the entire achievement of man on earth since creation accounts for only ten percent brain power, with the remaining ninety percent unused. According to Suobo, if Nigerians and Africans can utilize the ninety percent untapped brain power, it could answer the questions of poverty and underdevelopment. Suobo quoted Dr. Ben Carson as saying “the human brain has 14 billion brain cells which are very active to deliver results through the thinking process.” He regretted that Africa is still talking about manpower with the public service administration being the highest paying industry, when the West has moved from manpower to mind-power. “While Manpower development only focuses on employing and deploying ready made human capacity to facilitate skills required to drive management and industrial production processes. Mind-power focuses on the innovations that reduce human labour input and increases output. Man-power is quantitative while mind-power is qualitative ,” he explained. “With manpower the employee has no choice than to accept the employer’s off er. With mind-power the employer has no choice than to accept the employee’s off er. Manpower refers to the total number of staff deployed to a given task. “Mind-power focuses on the mental strength, health and toughness of one staff to do the job of ten staff and still achieve more results. Manpower is the cradle of mechanical labour. Mind power is the crescendo of unlimited mental solutions that can be off ered to a given task,” he said. “It takes manpower to move from third world nation to fi rst world. It takes mind-power to remain in the fi rst world league. Manpower serves only a nation where it is deployed. Mind-power serves the world from the country it is deployed,” he added. Th e facilitator explained further that the cost of developing manpower does not get its abundant return in terms of value, whereas the cost of developing mind-power achieves more results for an organization. Saying man cannot accomplish anything except he subject himself to God to infl uence his thinking facilities with excellence and creativity. Earlier, a lecturer at University of Africa, and the International Institute of Tourism and Hospitality in Bayelsa State, Marie Th erese Teibowei, in a topic titled: ‘Th e Role of Foreign Languages and Mainstream Media in Promoting Africa Societies in the 21st Century’ urged Nigeria and other African countries to prioritize the learning and teaching of foreign languages to encourage trade and foreign direct investment as it done in Europe. Th e president of Women of Rescue, and I pray for Nigeria Project Pastor Mrs. Debby Jones, while speaking on the topic “Rescuing Women from Mental Slavery and Gender Stereotyping in Nigeria, charged women to stand up for change and remove the stereotypes but work hard to occupy executive offi ce and leadership portfolios. She discouraged the maginalization of women in area of inheritance, and other such disinheritance travesty hindering their growth. Speaking on the topic “Role Of Education In Developing Th e Mental Excellence And Creativity And Excellence In Africa” the proprietress of ISTAN Comprehensive College, Mrs. Linda Ijenwa, said academic degrees without mental creativity amounts to poverty and joblessness. “Th e only leeway to unemployment and indolence is to tap into available opportunities to make income available through various business opportunities,” she emphasized. At the end of the conference, it was recommended that constant monthly conference should held across 36 states of Nigeria to sensitize Nigerians and Africans on Mind-power . Th e conference noted mental creativity as the panacea for moving from manpower to mindpower, while it called on leading organizations to focus on developing mindpower in order to keep organizations running when manpower is redundant. It is said that Africans are still inexperience backwardness in all sectors compared to the West therefore, Mindswitch from Manpower to Mindpower is needed. It also called for education and mental health advocacy, foreign languages, closing gender gaps in Africa and closing the relationship with the creator. Government at all levels were urged to tap into the gold mine trapped In Th e human mind instead of total dependence on Oil, Gas, and Solid Minerals. “Government can tap in to the goldmine through training and retraining of public service by imploring the compulsory participation of public servants in Mindswitch Conference throughout the federation and Africa. “Private and public institutions, schools, universities and corporate bodies should include MINDPOWER programs in their HR/training Schemes, Curriculum and programs. “Th e church, government and its institutions in Africa should rally around this discovery as God given strategy for Africa to infl uence their environment through mental creativity and excellence in the 21st century,” the organisers emphasized.


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