Minimum wage: Labour leaders tell workers what to expect in Ekiti

Labour leaders in Ekiti state have assured their members that Governor Dr Kayode Fayemi would before the end of February, 2020 sign the agreement on the implementation of workers new minimum wage and consequential salary adjustment.
This assurance was contained in a statement signed by the state Chairman, Joint Negotiating Council, Comrade Kayode Fatomiluyi, and Secretary, Comrade Gbenga Olowoyo, on Sunday.

The negotiation on the new minimum wage could not be signed before the end of 2019, as directed by the federal government due to inability of government’s delegation and labour to reach a common agreement on the matter.
The statement clarified that discussion on the N30,000 minimum wage and consequential salary adjustment negotiation in the state has reached 90 percent, exuding confidence that it would be assented to on or before the end of February , 2020.

The statement said: “The negotiation of minimum wage and consequential salary adjustment is receiving adequate attention and with tremendous progress by this development, the completion and eventual signing of necessary documents will be completed before ending of February 2020.
“As a matter of fact, the technical Sub-committee and the enlarged negotiation committee have done greatly which led to the extent that Dr Kayode Fayemi the Governor of Ekiti state, personally intervened on Tuesday 18th February 2020.
“However, the determination of the leadership of Labour in the state is to arrive at a situation where whatever table and agreement signed with government will not have a backlash  that will  force the state to use two federal allocations to pay one month salary, hence, we have to be broad-based in our approach and agitation.
“To this end, whatever labour will agree with will be for  the best interest of the workers and the state.”

The statement assured workers not to be apprehensive about the capability of labour leaders to agree on what is fair and just that will be in the best interest of the workers 
It promised that the interest of workers won’t be traded off under any guise while the state won’t be placed under financial burden that will cripple its economic advancement.

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