Minister woos foreign investors

Minister of State for Power, Hon Mohammed Wakil has called on foreign investors to take advantage of abundant renewable energy resources in Nigeria and invest for power generation in the country.
Aside renewable energy sector, the minister further elaborated on available investment opportunities in the transmission sector of the power reform process.

Addressing a group of foreign investors at a workshop in Paris, France, the minister told the gathering that Nigerian government is presently finalizing a comprehensive policy on renewable energy for power generation.
The event was the workshop on the Africa Energy Outlook organized by the International Energy Agency with delegates in attendance including fifteen ministers of Energy of different countries from Europe and Africa.

“Let me use this opportunity to brief you all on potentials for renewable energy for power generation in Nigeria. We have vast resources yet to be tapped in the field of renewable energy for power generation. This include wind, solar, hydro among  others. Investment returns are guaranteed and the investment climate is very positive,” the minister said.

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