Ministers’ sack: Resilience or political witch-hunt?

Misplacement of priority has always been the driving force, steering the affairs of our political officers. Most decisions by the so-called politicians are mainly for their political interest. The selfish, inordinate desire to retain offices is what galvanises them to create an atmosphere for their dim-witted  thirst to be quenched,. They don’t care about the welfare of the people, so long it serves their political interest and that of allies, to them all is good, in spite of imbroglio their decision may delve the country into. The plight of people does not bother them.

On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, President  Muhammadu Buhari while presiding over the FEC meeting had announced the sack of two cabinet ministers and subsequently reassigned their portfolios to other ministers. This action, he said “was the significant review steps that have helped to identify and strenghthen weak areas, close gaps, build cohesion and synergy in governance, manage the economy and improve the delivery of public goods to Nigerians”.

Well, the regular folks may wonder why the government couldn’t resuscitate the security structure as insecurity bedeviling the nation has become quite worrisome,. The life of an ordinary citizen is at death’s door. The level of insecurity is alarmingly high. People are helplessly dying in thousands everyday. 

Recently, the government of Zamfara state put a ban on markets as a result of banditry ravaging the state. Similarly, the Sokoto state government followed suit by announcing the same ban on markets,. This is the sad reality of our situation in the North-west where kidnappers have the audacity to demand ransom from less the privileged with impunity as there is little or no effort by security forces to apprehend the kidnappers. The North-east is between a rock and a hard place, nothing is going on right. Hope has been lost and people are surrending to unfaithful Boko Haram militants, whose activities have already become a mountain,. For over a decade, they have been terrorising the people and disturbing the peaceful coexistence and harmony of the region. The North Centra states are in turmoil. The level of ethnic killing is the deriving force in the region, ethnicity is at its peak. Unfortunately, the government at various levels are letting the grass to grow under their feet.

The numerous security challenges bedeviling us as a nation are making the people to find it difficult to have three square meals per day, this as a result of high prices of goods in the market.
If the president wants to strengthen the weak areas, close gaps, build cohesion and synergy in governance, manage the economy as he reiterated, then it would have been best for him to confront the hydra headed octopus of insecurity and pervasive inflation we are experiencing in the country frontally. This would have made more sense than sermonising that the agriculture and power ministers have overstayed their purpose and outlived their relevance. Indeed, there are many areas that need more an attention than the recent sectors in controversy, otherwise this so called giant stride could be seen as MISPLACEMENT OF PRIORITY.

Since the inception of the current regime, there had an allegation of a cabal devising a scheme to dominate and control he government. They have the power to sack any ministerany who fails to meet their expectations. So this may be the taste enjoyed by the two former ministers of agriculture and rural development and of power. Therefore, political witch-hunt is another benchmark and ploy adopted in Nigerian politics and it might be an abominable thing perpetrated against the embattled ministers.
May Nigeria succeed.

Isma’il Alkasim,Garki, Jigawa state[email protected]

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