Misau: The latest joker in the pack

One should not be surprised that, so soon the vultures are here again, this time, in the delusory thinking that there is a carcass down for them to devour.

Shame, Inspector General of Police, IGP, Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, the object of their sinister, voracious designs, is alive, well and kicking.

He is, in fact, getting ready to continue the marathon race of rejuvenating and refocusing the Nigeria Police Force.

Th e latest face of the vultures, a joker in the pack is a man that sits in the nation’s otherwise hallowed chambers, the Senate, Hamman Misau.

Just like others before him have done, the weird law maker from Bauchi State has gone to town with tales about alleged acts of corruption and sleaze committed by IGP Idris.

According to details of Misau’s allegations since in the public domain include, allege payment of N120 billion by some phantom agencies as security services to the Police Force but, which he said Idris convert into his personal account.

In his words, is one of, “Series of fraudulent practices in the running of the Nigeria Police.

” He alleged further that postings in the force as state Police commissioners and mobile commanders are infl uenced by bribes paid to the IGP.

What he called, “a cesspool of corruption, nepotism, indiscipline and favoritism”, have also supposedly manifested in lowering of discipline, morale, effi ciency, probity and accountability in the force.

Misau would want the public to buy into his outright fallacious, blatant and baseless allegation that, “more than fi fty percent of commanders of mobile police unit in the country is made of offi cers of the IGP’s Nupe ethnic group.

” Wonders, they say, will never end.

Th e so-called senator, representing Misau senatorial district, Bauchi State, is unfortunately, somebody whose antecedent and moral credential render him as someone that cannot and should not be taken seriously by any right thinking and sane person.

In his case, we must look beyond the message to the messenger because; this messenger is utterly and grossly defi cient.

Here is somebody known to have deserted the Police Force to avoid facing the consequences of alleged indiscipline, professional misconduct, misappropriation and other indulgences.

We are talking of someone that can be easily prosecuted and convicted to a jail term for fraud with regards to his departure from service.

According to his own documents on his “retirement”, Misau supposedly “voluntarily retired” from the police service in 2010 but, curiously, only got his “letter of retirement” four years later, in 2014! Talking of Misau also brings to mind the spectacle of a representative so thoroughly hated by members of his constituency that every time he visits, they haul missiles and boos at him, like a scoundrel, a petty thief or, a monstrous being.

But let us, for the sake of giving a fair hearing, examine his allegations.

Misau alleged that IGP Idris receives N100 billion from oil companies, banks and individuals for security services rendered by police offi cers without remitting same to the coff ers of the federal government or even as little as, “sharing part of largesse with the personnel engaged in providing such services.

” For such a weighting allegation, discernible minds expect that he would have provided greater, more explicit and incontrovertible empirical facts.

Th at is, he should have told the world the fi rms and individuals concerned; the mode of payment, the lines of transmission of such humungous sums of money.

Armed with such details, rather than going via the press, the more sensible option for him would have been forwarding his deadly wares to the appropriate institution and agencies statutorily mandated to investigate fi nancial crimes.

Th at he did not choose the part of honour, legality and due process can only leave us with the conclusion that Misau has embarked on a self seeking, narrow, vicious and vindictive venture.

Th is perception is not farfetched given his career projector, his associates, mentors and records in his ten-year sojourn in the Police Force.

Typically an example in political harlotry, adventurism and opportunism, Misau has been member of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Peoples Democracy Party, PDP, and the All Progressives Congress, APC, among others.

Ironical that such a character should off er himself the poisonous, toxic arrowhead of those committed on the palpably futile enterprise of bringing down the Inspector General of Police.

Pertinently, the elements that want to bring down the IGP are those that have been rattled and scared of his direction since he assumed offi ce.

Not for them, an IGP that has shown commitment to refocusing and rejuvenating the Police Force such that the rot that are impeding effi cient performers are totally removed or signifi cantly reduced; they are not comfortable with an IGP that has come with an agenda that places premium on due process, probity, accountability and discipline; the enemies will be those that are averse to a change from the age long decadent culture of impunity.

Certainly, IGP Idris is to some persons nightmare, a police offi cer whose action and body language cannot go down well with those that are reaping and living by the old order.

Th ere is no gainsaying the fact by his allegations, Senator Hamman Misau has thrown a challenge and, candidly speaking, the Police authority high command cannot but take up the gauntlet by thoroughly, scrupulously and transparently investigating the allegation.

While doing that, it is similarly imperative that Senator Misau must be subjected to answer to the allegation of deserting from the Police Force at a time he was due to face charges of gross professional and ethical misconduct.

He must as well explain the doubts surrounding the authenticity of the letter of retirement he has been presenting to the national electoral body.

Th at way, the Senate may have been cleansed of one rot, if, it is discovered that forgery was committed as being alleged by the Police.

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