Misconceptions about Atiku Abubakar


As the adage goes, “Man proposes and God disposes”.Life is full of challenges, every human being experiences trials and tribulations on his way to achieve success. Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria’s former vice-president, like any other person, has faced challenges on his way to an accomplished entrepreneur and a politician. According to Robert Greene, a famous playwright, “Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies”. 


Atiku Abubakar cleared all evil plans of detractors to attain greatness. His life is full of lessons for detractors to know that only God is the Supreme Being and masterpiece in everything that happens – good and bad. There are some misconceptions about Atiku Abubakar, a seasoned politician. This includes the fact that he believes in corruption.
   This is wrong as nobody has been able to bring out a single shred of corrupt practice against him. It is a ploy to tarnish his hard earned reputation. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo deployed all state machinery to  frame him up as a corrupt politician during his ‘rofo-rofo’ fight with Atiku. At the end of the fight, Atiku emerged victorious. Humble Turakin Adamawa had on many occasions challenged those accusing him of corruption to present it. It is myopic thinking that one cannot build himself without stealing. He has never been convicted of corruption charges anywhere in the world, even the William Jefferson trial which ended in 2009, could not indicti him, as some desperate people anticipated.

Those who link great fortunes with corruption are lazy or jealous people who know nothing about wealth creationHis words on Buhari’s anti-corruption fight are “How many people were arrested, prosecuted, and jailed? How much was recovered from looters?” No corrupt person will encourage prosecution and investigation of corrupt officials.  

There is also the misconception that Atiku does not love the e North for supporting restructuring. Atiku is a nationalist who listens and stands for everyone on any matter of national interest not personal or regional interest – South or North, Muslim or Christians, devoid of segregation. As a self-made man, Atiku has investments and friends all over the country. He shares equal love and treatment for every zone.

Atiku’s embrace of ‘restructuring’ portrays his passion for southern and middle belt and admonishes lazy northerners to support it as present state of nation favours well-being of the masses.He Is a political chameleon: tracing history, Atiku has demonstrated unbelievable stay in power in Nigeria’s presidential politics since 1993 when he contested for the defunct SDP’s presidential ticket against late MKO Abiola.

He won the Adamawa governorship election in 1999 but was picked as vice president of Nigeria for eight years on the platform of PDP (then Africa’s leading party). In 2007, he contested for under AC, after he lost, he returned to PDP. Atiku joined APC in 2014 to rescue Nigeria. He contested but lost to Buhari during primary. All this is to set competition in politics contrary to the notion that he is consistently changing for cheap self-political gain. It is a great misconception to define Atiku’s political style as chameleonic.

In politics decamping or cross-carpeting is acceptable. President Buhari one time presidential candidate of ANPP changed party in 2007 to CPC and later joined forces to form APC that led to his victory in 2015 presidential election. Atiku is in politics to bring real change for the country not for self-enrichment. He is one of the few mainstream presidential aspirants that is successful as an entrepreneur and prepared to give credible governance

Umar Usman Duguri[email protected]

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