Mixed reactions trail Buhari’s statement to Theresa May

During a visit to the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, on Monday, President Muhammadu Buhari told her that he is more interested in the economic emancipation and security of Nigerians than in the 2019 general elections. PAUL OKAH seeks the views of Nigerians on this assertion.

There are lack of jobs in Nigeria
I view N-power, which is called “youth empowerment”, as a way of under-employing a Nigerian graduate. Graduates, who are into it, are doing it because of the poor economy. It is too bad that it gets accepted mainstream, without much debate anymore. What was once thought outlandish has become mainstream. This is like dividing the available jobs between the have-nots and the haves. How many of the prominent men’s children embraced the N-Power scheme? Since “what is good for the geese is also good for gander,” jobs should be created for all. We are yet to attain the objective of Social Studies, which says “egalitarian society for all”. How can you create a job that is despised by the haves? Again, this government has shown ignorance by throwing out unwarranted stereotypes.
Musa Ibrahim, a trader.

Inequality between social classes
Perhap, it is the rising inequality and the bulging at the top of income distribution that is fuelling this illegal immigration of young Nigerians. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is growing wider.This is why, even with Nigeria’s economic power, we are yet to wield global economic influence. The economic fortune of any nation depends on its ability to create a conducive environment.It is better to share jobs than to have some fully employed and some permanently on the dole.Though economic progress hardly ever succeeds in making some people better off, without also making some one worse off, the Nigeria’s case is not encouraging. Those from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds are at the receiving end.
Michael Otu, a teacher.

Buhari doesn’t mean well
I was disappointed when President Buhari announced his intention to run for a second tenure, because he clearly does not have any business going back to the government house next year, due to the current situation of things in the country. Even though he claims to be fighting corruption, who has been convicted for any corrupt offence since he assumed office? Even though he claims to be interested in resuscitating the economy, Nigerians were better off during the PDP era than what we experiencing with the APC government. Nigerians will forever regret while they voted for Buhari in 2015. He may claim to be fighting insecurity, but we know better. The blood of Nigerians killed by the Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are on his head, because he’s busy playing politics with the lives of Nigerians.
Josephine Morolake, a teacher.

Politics over human lives
There is nothing Buhari or the APC will say or do that will save their image in the sight of Nigerians. When they came with their politics of Change in 2015, we believed that we were being rescued from what we felt was the atrocities of the PDP, not knowing that we were jumping from frying pan to fire. The truth is that Buhari has failed Nigerians. His claim to Theresa May is just a political strategy for Nigerians to believe that he’s still interested in their welfare. He is not. He has never been. We fell for that gamble in 2015, but we are wiser now. Buhari only have to step into the street without his security aides to see how the masses will pelt him with stones or any available object for him to feel how they feel.
Madubuike Charles, a carpenter.

Buhari is working
Whether we like it or not, President Muhammadu Buhari is the best thing that can ever happen to Nigeria. In a country where corruption is accepted as the norm, he has done a lot to recover stolen loot from corrupt Nigerians and has so positioned the economy that we are out of the recession that was inflicted on us by the previous government. Security is now assured because the Buhari administration has been able to defeat Boko Haram, something that previous government could not do. I am glad that he has decided to contest for a second tenure. It would have been a disaster to lead us this far and then abandon us for another group of politicians to take over. He will receive my vote next year, because he is working.
Bello Usman, a taxi driver.

Security challenges are political creations
I see Buhari as a man with better intentions to better the lives of Nigerians. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala’s book, Fighting Corruption in Nigeria is Dangerous, proves that what Buhari is doing is commendable. She was smart enough to discover that fuel scarcity is a scam and trying to fight it is ridiculous. She revealed that Jonathan did not have the willpower to fight corruption. From her comments in the book, I came to realize that even this Fulani herdsmen attacks are politically motivated. If we don’t nip corruption in the bud, Nigeria will not get better. Corruption has been created by the elite class to make sure that the efforts of the Federal Government are undermined. The problem we have in this country are created by politicians because there is no Fulani herdsman that would wake up and start killing people without being sent by corrupt politicians. People have spent so much money even from outside to support the Fulani herdsmen attacks in order to give a bad image to the Federal Government. That’s why you see the killings happening in Taraba or Benue States. Why doesn’t it happen in Kano? They want to use these Middle Belt states to cause problems.
Iheanyi Obasi, a clergyman.

Buhari is a political Messiah
I want to advise the government to nib security in the bud by being ruthless in fighting their sponsors, because they know the sponsors of Fulani herdsmen. President Buhari may not surmount insurgency, but he should try his best so that other leaders after him will know that he started it and then continue from where he stopped after he must have tried his best. For a man at his age to be doing things like this means he has the backing of God. Not many people will do it without being afraid for their families. Buhari is a grandfather and not afraid for his life or anything. Even if he dies, it doesn’t mean anything because he has almost done his best for Nigeria. I will make reference to China, Germany and other countries where God used men that were above 80 years to do something for the countries. To better a society like Nigeria today, you need someone that is fearless. Buhari can confidently look at Obasanjo, IBB, TY Danjuma and tell them that they are wrong, because he has the backing of God. Jonathan thought that opening the public treasury will make him stay long in power, but it didn’t happen that way. Jonathan knew that Nigerians were corrupt but the problem was that the people he was rulling was bigger than him so he had to open up the treasury to please them.
Ifeanyi Ndubuisi, a politician.

Buhari is improving our economy
In a recent investigation conducted by an organization, it was discovered that the Nigerian Police Force has about 78,000 ghost workers. That’s the police force alone. The same thing is happening in the Navy, Army and other Parastatals at the federal, state and local government levels. So do you know what it means if 78,000 Nigerian graduates are employed? We are having unemployment in Nigeria because ghosts are employed in place of human beings. So we need somebody who can tackle all these things. By the time we tackle this things, Nigeria will be the best country for us to live. Malaysia and China closed their borders against every rubbish to get to where they are today. But in Nigeria, we are importing every rubbish. Ebonyi State is the largest producer of rice in Nigeria, but we are still importing rice. This is the second time we are having a government interested in agriculture, because Michael Okpara equally tried. Buhari is going to win again, mark my words. Thailand is crying because Nigerians government doing better in rice production and we no longer rely heavily on them for food. Our farmers are now making it and we no longer rush to China and Thailand for every rubbish. Look at Ghana for instance, they where crying before, but there are better for it today because of they government and that is what Buhari is trying to do in Nigeria.
Idris Yahaya, a farmer.
Exercise Cat Race: 183 criminals arrested in Benue, Taraba
By Musa Umar Bologi

The Defence Headquarters says a total of 184 criminals have been arrested so far in exercise Ayem Akpatuma (Cat Race) conducted by troops in Benue and Taraba state for various offences.
Exercise Ayem Akpatuma was conducted in Benue, Nasarawa, Taraba, Kogi and Kaduna state, from February 15 to April 5, 2018, by the Nigerian Army in collaboration with other security agencies, to curtail herdsmen/farmers crisis, armed robbery, cattle rustling and kidnapping in the states. The exercise was extended in Taraba state to May 14, 2018, during due to prevailing security situation.
Addressing journalists yesterday in Abuja, Defence Spokesperson, Brig.-Gen. John Agim, said169 criminal comprising 147 herdsmen, six cultist, five cattle rustlers and six armed bandits were arrested in Benue state, while 15 criminals were arrested in Taraba state.
He said 13 suspected criminals were also arrested in 1 Division Nigerian Army area of responsibility, which includes Kaduna and Niger states.
“Several arms and ammunitions were recovered during exercise. In Benue state, 1 x AK 47 rifle, 1 x FN Rifle, 3x AK 47 magazines, 9 x rounds of 7.62mm special, 23 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 13 Dane guns, 38 machetes, several spears/axes and assorted charms were recovered. This in addition to 18 motorcycles and 15 handsets recovered from the criminals.
“In Taraba state, 4 x AK 47 riffles with three magazines, 96 rounds of 7.62mm special, eight rounds of 9mm and 19 locally made guns were recovered. Others include, five locally made pistols, one shot gun and 27 live cartridges.
“In 1 Division, Nigerian Army Area of Responsibility, 16 assorted arms were recovered and some ammunition,” he said.
He said while the presence of troops in the troubled spots gave confidence to the residents and the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), the military also conducted free medical services to the victims of the herdsmen/farmers crisis in both Benue and Taraba state during the military exercise.
“Civil authorities at all levels such as community chiefs, local government area chairmen and state governors are often instrumental to the success of Internal Security (IS) operations, as they provided information, synergy, support, and facilitate a conducive environment for military operations. They also assist in winning the minds and hearts of the people in support of the military among others. Regrettably, some civil authorities especially in Taraba state did not accord the military the desired cooperation.”

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