Mixed reactions trail Buhari’s visit to Benue-Voxpop

On Monday this week, President Mahammadu Buhari visited Benue state for the first time since the incessant herdsmen attacks that led to the death of many citizens.
PAUL OKAH seeks the view of Nigerians on whether the visit was timely or belated.

Buhari’s visit is rather very late I expected promptness on his side, following the incessant attacks that led to the death of over 70 people in Guma and Logo LGAs of Benue State just this year, but he refused to show up on time.
How he kept his cogency among the heated crowd and talk them out of rioting is what I don’t know.
With his obdurate personality and intense dislike for Benue people, Buhari has all the makings of a professional killer.
How I wish the Benue people executed solecism of protocol by giving him a violent welcome.
I was disappointed to see that he was welcomed with smiles and fanfare.
Th at shows you that even the affected are very ignorant of their suff ering.
Nevertheless, I’m yet to notice Buhari’s funeral or solemn feeling over the Benue killings.
If there’s any, it looks disingenous to me .
When herdsmen act in such an ambuscade, which cost many lives and severe damages, the president should act posthaste to convince the people that he has a funeral feeling.
Michael Otu, a teacher.

The country is torn apart He should know that the balkanisation of Nigeria is real, especially if his former allies during the war joins the already threatening Biafrans.
The Middle Belt and the core North were allies in the civil war but their friendship is now turning to mistrust.
While I recognise him as my leader, my high regard does not negate the fact that he compromises when it comes to settling disputes.
Some months back, there was an attack of his Fulani’s men in Adamawa State and Soldiers arrived there posthaste to calm the warring men.
Why didn’t he replicate same in Benue? His visit is just medicine after death because it’s long overdue without his visiting to commiserate with the people.
Chimaobi Mbrey, a fashion designer.

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Nigerians are disillusioned President Buhari should know that many voters who once loved him have now become disillusioned with his ideas.
This is not what we expected from the APC government when they started this “Change” mantra that has become nothing but a scam.
They should know that the balkanisation of Nigeria is looming with this their surefire nepotism.
The damage that has been caused by Fulani herdsmen is unprecedented and has never been experienced in this country.
Little wonder statistic at disposal placed Fulani herdsmen as fourth deadliest terrorist in the world.
Abubakar Adamu, a trader.

Buhari is asking for trouble Michael Sylvanus Blaise Ogbonnia Buhari will surely earn the wrath of the entire nation when next he tries to test his political prowess.
He should have visited the state long ago when they were still in pains, and not now that they are trying to forget what they have been through.
It is like adding salt to injury.
The APC government doesn’t seem to get anything right.
In fact, several disillusioned party members have decided to switch to another political party, due to this poor leadership qualities by Buhari.
Already in a crucible of office politics, he has lost favour with Obasanjo and subsequently he will not be endorsed by the ex-president.
He is trying to atone for bad conduct last time by behaving as an angel today.
Adebayo Wale, a student.

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Buhari is campaigning Mr president is doing the very right thing at the wrong time.
This visit of his is mere political antics, not a condolence visit, because the people aff ected by the unfortunate Fulani herdsmen massacre have since gathered the pieces of their lives and moved on.
What he should have done was to go there in January when more than 70 people lost their lives in the hands of Fulani herdsmen.
It would have presented him as a caring president, and not this unfeeling president the country now perceive him as.
In fact, I feel that his visiting them now is simply to campaign for 2019 election.
There is no other explanation to that.
However, rest assured that he has failed because Nigerians hardly forget.
He should learn from history and sit up, otherwise he will go the way of Goodluck Jonathan.
Sylvanus Ayerite, a graduate.

The government is selfi sh One of the sad things about the Nigerian government is that they’re quick to do things that will favour them and then make reference to the USA.
But when it comes to the things that will favour the masses, they won’t notice what USA does! How can a president of a country keep quiet over series of serious national disasters? Which country do they do that? Which country will such a disaster occur and the President will not visit them as soon as possible,or send any national executive? I weep for this nation! The President visiting the aff ected communities and States after one week is as good as him not visiting at all, how much more after a month or more? His visit is useless and meaningless! I weep for the kind of heartless and confused leaders that we handed over this our great nation to! Blaise Ibe, a technician.

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A misplaced priority Buhari’s visit to Plateau and Benue States is just a political gimmick for people to think he has their interest at heart, but I hold a different opinion.
According to Jeremy Bethan, the action of any government, irrespective of the government in power, is to promote the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people.
This is known as the principal of utilitarianism, hedonism and hedonistic calculus: which, in a simple language, means the promotion of happiness and pleasure.
Buhari has not promoted any single happiness or pleasure for the Benue citizens.
Instead, he inflicted pains on them by not casting when the iron was hot, by not visiting in January when the people were mourning the death of over 70 people in the hands of Fulani herdsmen.
Ogbonnia Nwachi, a Political Scientist and Public Affairs Commentator.

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