Mohammed Abacha and Kano 2023

Muhammad Abacha is a household name in Kano state politics. The people of
Kano state will make no mistake in voting him into power in the 2023 general elections. This time around, it is only God that can stop him. The good thing is that he will realise his dream of leading Kano state to the promised land on the platform of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The good thing is that Mohammed, with huge popularity, could be voted into power via any platform. This is because people are
looking at his popularity and antecedents. His love for the downtrodden makes Kano talakawa to rally behind him at all times.

The son of a lion is himself a lion. Nigerians cannot forget in centuries the prudence and sagacity of the late Head of State General
Sani Abacha. Mohammed can replicate his late father’s shrewdness in resource management and prudence.

Ahead of the 2023 governorship election in Kano state, Mohammed is one
of the foremost political gladiators who is tipped to take over the rein of leadership from Governor Umar Ganduje, who is now in the last lap of his second term in office.

Mohammed is one of the most powerful and influential opposition politicians who is favoured to take over the rein of power from the ruling APC in the Centre of Commerce. He is a well-known politician in and beyond Kano state.

Now, it is clear that Mohammed is set to take Kano state by storm. The name is familiar to stakeholders in every nook and cranny of Kano state. Fortunately for him, many factors favour him. The most prominent factor is that he is loved by all Kano people, especially by the
youth. This is because his philanthropic disposition makes him identify with all, young and old, rich and poor. He is so humble that he goes about his daily living with unusual humility of people with his parental status.

Mohammed will continue his father’s legacies as it relates to prudent management of human and material resources. He has equally been
endowed with his father’s shrewdness. The success he reaps in his personal business is an eloquent testament to his ability to pull Kano from the doldrums of underutilisation of her abundant economic and human resources.

Kano has been endowed by God, with material and human resources. It is only the leader who will organise these factors of production for greater productivity that is lacking. And the right person for the job is Mohammed.

Searching for the right governor should be a business for all Kano stakeholders. Kano people would like to see Ganduje’s successor as someone who has the feeling of the people at heart; who will work for the people of Kano state and carry on with policies that impact
positively on their lives.

To safeguard the people’s aspiration, Kano wants a governor who will hit the ground running. The young Abacha is somebody who understands the political terrain of Kano and the impacts of good leadership on the people. He is the right man with in-depth understanding of political matrix currently on-going in Kano state.

Mohammed as Kano governor is most likely going to solve the issue of insecurity of life and property, and other dire requirements of Kano people. This is a man needs no introduction in Kano and beyond. But this time around, the people of Kano know what they want and will go for him. We find solace in the fact that the trend in voting at present depends on an individual not the political party.

Among the opposition candidates for Kano governorship election, Mohammed stands a better chance to seize power from the ruling APC in 2023 because he has carved a niche for himself as an influential politician to reckon with in Kano due to his political principle, hinged on politics without bitterness.

His political experience over the years may help him to win the support of voters in the state in the 2023 Kano governorship election.
Another thing that could help Mohammed is the influence his family still enjoys in Kano state and the country as a whole.

Power brokers in the state are not unaware of his personal influence, not to talk about family influence. In fact, we are happy Mohammed has come out to run after the coalition of Kano youths prevailed on him to run for the number one office in the state. Remember the saying
that who the cap fits, let him wear it. The cap fits Mohammed and we are ready to help him wear it in 2023.

Nigerians of all walks of life, young and old, businessmen and women, professionals, students, artisans and the like, who are not blind to General Sani Abacha’s unparalleled legacies will surely give their vote to Mohammed Abacha.

Mohammed Abacha’s quest power is necessitated by his desire to keep Kano people united and provide a governance that will turn Kano state to industrial hub in Nigeria and beyond.

Abubakar writes from Kano.

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