Mohammed Morsi appears in court in prison fatigues

By Louisa Loveluck



Egypt’s first freely elected president Mohamad Morsi appeared in court in a   glass-encased dock on Tuesday, charged with participating in an illegal   prison break, in his second public appearance since he was deposed in a July   3rd military coup.

The case relates to the escape of more than 20,000 inmates from Egypt’s   prisons during its 2011 revolution, including Mr Morsi and other members of   the Muslim Brotherhood. The former president and 131 co-defendants,   including senior Brotherhood leaders, are accused of conniving to “destroMORSIy   the Egyptian state and its institutions”.

Mr Morsi cut an apoplectic figure during the hearing. Standing inside a glass   box, especially fashioned to avoid the pandemonium that had ensued at a   previous trial in November, his agitated shouts were broadcast on a   controlled-tannoy.

“Who are you?” demanded an incensed Mr Morsi of the judge, adding “do you know   who I am?”.

“Head of the Egyptian Criminal Court,” he replied. At one point, Mr Morsi said   he was still the legitimate president of Egypt, and asked the judiciary not   to engage in political revenge. The former president clashed with Egypt’s   judges repeatedly throughout his year in office.

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