Mohammed Sani Musa @ 56: Audacity of a first term senator

According to primordial folklore, God preserves humanity regardless of its many misdemeanors because at any one period there are individuals who, without being aware of their role, redeem mankind. Senator Mohammed Sani Musa who turns 56 today, May 11, is such a man propelled into fame by a sequence of unpredictable events. Unassuming and without guile, Senator Musa undertook to restore the confidence every electorate aspires to have in an elected lawmaker. When he was taking the oath of office as the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in June 2019, many thought as a first term senator, he lacked the experience to meet the expectations of the electorates. But for those who have known him for quite long, including this author, they believe he is not going to disappoint the electorate. Sani’s venture into politics has turned out to be a blessing to the Niger East Senatorial District, Niger state and the country. 

As a first term senator, he is found worthy and saddled with the Committee Chairmanship of Senate Services, which is the engine room of the entire Senate, an office he has so far displayed competency and effective leadership in meeting the day to day affairs of the upper chamber. Sani 313, as popularly known and called by his followers, has, in less than two years, proved every doubting Thomas wrong by showing he is not a bench warmer and redundant type at the red chambers. 

Among the signatory projects he facilitated in less than two years at the upper chamber include: Construction of a state-of-the-art PHC in Zabeyidna, construction of Youth Development Centre in Kuta, construction, furnishing and equipping of ICT Resource Centre in Paiko; provision of medical equipment such as beds, mattresses, bedspreads, drugs, and other essential medical equipment to the hospitals in the nine LGAs; construction of six blocks of classrooms each with office and toilets in Shiroro, Rafi, Munya, Suleja and Paikoro LGAs; construction of rural feeder road and erosion control in Madaka community of Rafi LGA; construction of three kilometre Bassego road & rings culvert, erosion control in Gwam and construction of box culvert in Shampapi all in Paikoro LGA. 

He also facilitated the construction of over 40 motorised solar boreholes in different locations of the nine LGAs of Niger East, electrification projects (solar) of Wabe/Gwam in Paikoro LGA and construction of 22 boreholes in different locations of the nine LGAs.
Senator 313 also facilitated the provision of four 500KV transformers to Chanchaga, Paikoro, Rafi and Shiroro LGAs, completion of Tatiko Art and Pottery Centre, renovation of three blocks of classrooms each in Tafa, Paikoro, Suleja and Bosso LGAs. 
He also supported farmers with the distribution of fertilizers in nine LGAs of Niger East and part of his humanitarian gesture was distribution of relief materials to the victims of flood in Shiroro, Suleja and Munya LGAs, distribution of relief materials such as cement, zinc and nails, mattresses, blankets and machines; food items like rice, beans, sugar, salt, wrappers and other essential materials;  provision of relief materials to the victims of bandits attacks in Munya, Shiroro, Rafi and Paikoro LGAs and distribution of empowerment materials such as sewing machines, grinding machines, food processing machines and motorcycles that were distributed to women and youths across the nine LGAs; training of youths across the nine LGAs on skill acquisitions as part of his constituency development effort and donated palliatives valued over N65 million to beneficiaries that were drawn from the nine LGAs. 

Aside from helping in securing employment opportunities for many unemployed graduates in MDAs, military and para-military agencies, Distinguished Senator Sani has from his first day at the upper chambers, decided to sacrifice his monthly earnings and allowance to cater for monthly remuneration of over 600 people in his senatorial district whom he appointed as liaison officer, zonal, LGA and ward coordinators, spread across the nine LGAs.
In supporting educational development, which was part of his blueprint, about 900 students of tertiary institutions from his denatorial district, who are adjudge successful of his scholarship scheme will soon be unveiled.Every honest Nigerian following the insecurity situation in Niger state for the past three years, especially in the Niger East which is worst affected, will agree that Senator Musa is never shy from echoing the plight of his people. He has uncountable times rose at the chamber, granted interviews on print and electronic media calling on the federal government and the security agents to come to the rescue of his people who are constant targets of bandits, cattle rustlers and kidnappers. Love or loathe him, Senator 313 has broken the record that no first term senator has ever achieved in Nigeria in less than two years by sponsoring about 14 Bills out of which some have scaled to second or final readings and public hearing. 

Among the Bills sponsored by him include: Nigerian Civil Defence Academy Pandogari, Constitutional Court of Nigeria, Loan Recovery (Regulation), National University of Medical & Health Sciences Suleja, National Railway Corporation Act (Repeat & re-enacted), Institute of Information Communication Technology Suleja, Bill for an act to Amend the Orthopedic Hospital Management Board and related to establish Orthopedic Hospital Kuta, Rape and Insurgency Victims’ Stigmatization (Prohibition), Critical Infrastructure Protection, Federal Medical Centre, Kuta, North-Central Development Commission, National Land Drainage Flood Control and other related Matters, Federal Tertiary Teaching Hospitals Development Tax Fund and Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bills.
In his understated way, he sees politics as a call to service and a privilege, not an entitlement or commercial venture. Senator Musa is extraordinary, one of the finest, charismatic and influential politicians in the State. He is a symbol with a galaxy of landmarks that stand him out as an elected lawmaker electorates aspire to have. In politics, he is already a living legend. His factor in the state’s politics is very visible and dominant which has made him to be a force to reckon with. He is a leader that is too brave to be cowed and to be cheated.  
Since his election, he has made unanticipated and impromptu trips to some parts of his Senatorial district often stopping in small villages meeting the people and asking their opinions about government and the area they need more attention. This gesture shows he has not lost touch with his Senatorial district. His understanding of the electorates’ complex needs and opportunities are unmatched. 
Senator Sani Musa is no ordinary politician; he is a political strategist and tactician who understands people and the game of politics. He is a man of wise counsel, and he imparted that counsel to his followers in a way that is always forthright, clear and always compelling in its simplicity, its honesty and its logic. If heroism is to be measured by service and openness to the electorates, then Senator Mohammed Sani Musa is fully qualified as a political strategist of the first order based on the available records and feats he has achieved so far in less than two years in office. 

The author believes he can go beyond a Senator to become one of the high-flying and significant politicians who has impacted greatly on the electorate and generated a high magnitude of attention and spotted commentaries in the state and Nigeria that should be heightened, prepped and endorsed to vie for a higher office in 2023. 
Dan-Durbin Minna has every reason to be grateful to his Creator for what he has done for him and, for sparing his life to witness yet another birthday. Many Happy returns Sir!!!
Mr. Yahaya is the Special Assistant on Research, Strategy & Documentation to Senator Sani Musa

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