Monalisa Chinda and Lanre Nzeribe’s relationship hits the rocks

Monalisa Chinda and her publicist wanted the public to believe that all there was between the actress and socialite Lanre Nzeribe was strictly a business relationship, but past activities of both leaves only a few people in doubt that they were actually dating.
Monalisa made the announcement barely 24 hours after speculations started flying around that their business and romantic relationship had ended, which sort of served as a confirmation to the speculation about the ended romantic relationship.
Despite predictions that their relationship, be it business only or romantic, wouldn’t stand the test of time, the actress recently started publishing Monalisa, a magazine concept initiated by Lanre.

Lanre is famous for his penchant for going after top society ladies and dropping them once he is done. He only published about three editions of Monalisa before dropping the beautiful actress who has a child from her previous marriage.
“We regret to officially announce the resignation of Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda from Monalisa magazine, which also marks the end of her partnership with Mr. Lanre Nzeribe, due to irreconcilable professional differences. Over the past few months, both parties have made concerted efforts to retain their partnership, to no avail, which led to their mutual agreement that a separation would be the best course of action,” the press release states.

Monalisa’s publicist also added “Though she has, so far, committed so much time, energy and resources into the project, it is high time she moved on as she pursues renewed ethos to raise her standards of professionalism and focus on projects closer to her heart.”

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