Monkeys swallow N70m belonging to Northern senators-online comments

Last week the Nigerian cyberspace was littered with comments about JAMB’s N36 million allegedly swallowed by a snake. This week, what has taken over the hashtags and wallposts of many Nigerians is about the N70m handed over to the Northern Senators Forum’s leader, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, which has, according to Senator Shehu Sani, been swallowed by monkeys. Here are some of the comments:

Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga
Weird Story of The Day
With snakes and monkeys becoming scapegoats for human crimes, Nigerians are wondering why we should not apologise to Nnamdi Kanu for attacking him because he branded Nigeria a zoo.

Engr Usman SabonKulla
Thank you POTUS Donald Trump for the golden quoting to where we belong “Shithole”

N36m for Snake and N70m for Monkey
Amiable Princess Adams
Monkey don swallow another 70millon?
Now I believe Nigeria is truly a zoo

Adnan Muktar Tudunwada
Monkey swallowed money, snake swallowed it too then we should expect when a cat will swallow another cash…

Okodugha Festus
Monkey stole 70 million naira from the senate caucus forum.*********** are u not sure that Nnamdi Kanu curse is following Nigeria by calling Nigeria a ZOO? Though I m not his fan but the way Animals are dominating this country and all over the news , is surprising. First it was Rat who chase away our president from Aso rock, later cows stop aeroplanes from landing and taking off. Later snakes started swallowing tax payers money now monkeys are now embezzling money meant for senators. Don’t also forget the first lady story that when the lion comes the hyena and jackals will be chase away.
The way things are going we should not wake up one day we will hear that Lizards have broke our pipeline and drank all the crude oil and also we should not be surprise to hear that mosquitoes have hijacked all the ballot boxes in next year election..

Khadijah Muhammad
Monkey in the snake’s shadow. Snake swallows 36 Million Naira and Monkey swallows 70 million Naira.

Razaq Maliq Gbolahan
This country will just be disgracing one upandan. God! Which kain country be this?

Samson Tannon Tongman
If a snake swallowed N36m, a Monkey swallowed N70m, using geometric progression calculate how much an elephant will swallow.

Isah Babayo
It is how Sen. Abdullahi Adamu took those monies belonging ‘Northern Senators Forum’ to his farm house that surprises me the most, and not the carting away of the said money by monkeys. We are used to such jokes. Of recent, a snake swallowed N36 million.

Adejuwon Babanla
If the woman that claimed snake swallowed a large sum of N36m, were to be dealt with appropriately, probably in detention by now, another person wouldn’t have had a temerity to say a Monkey has swallowed N70m again, we are not serious in this country, I doubt if anything could be differently done either by this present administration or the one to succeed him.
Watch out, somebody somewhere will soon come up to say a lion or crocodile has swallowed a sum of money under his watch.

Nigeria is not a serious country!
Femi Fairchild Morgan
The least important being on the Nigerian food chain is the citizen. The cows, the snakes and the monkeys are a notch higher.

Khadeeja Uthman
Compatriots you do know we dont need to entertain every news the journalists bring right.
All this Snake and Monkey talk we help them celebrate and spread you can actually by pass such manner of reportings but mischievious newsmen and politricers who seek temporary fame
What a way to resume news today. #EnergySapping

Sadiq Abdullahi Kwatu
Nigerians are in one chance, rats chased president Muhammadu Buhari in office, SNAKE swallowed 36million in jamb office, monkey swallowed 70million naira, we are in admin of animal, what’s the faith of common man in dis country.

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