Morning habits that keep you healthy

So it is really important that you start your day well if you intend to have a good day.
These healthy morning habits are guaranteed to keep you in good mental, physical and emotional health all through your day.
So try them out and see how effective they are for your well-being.
Here are some healthy morning habits you should practice daily: * Drink a glass of water Water cleans your system.
It gets rid of any leftovers from the previous night and prepares your body for a healthy day, so drink it, please.
* Meditate Meditation can be very helpful especially if the pre- vious day didn’t go well.
Take a few minutes to con- centrate on just yourself and clear your head.
* Use the toilet This is very important for your body’s metabolic process.
For those who don’t have a routine bathroom time, you should try to do it.
Using the toilet in the morning can make your system a lot happier.
* Try a quick yoga session or stretch Stretch out or do a 5-minute yoga workout, preferably before you go to the bathroom.
This eases the tension in your body and gets you ready to take on the days challenge.
* Add a fruit mix to your breakfast Fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
All these nutrients are good for your and the antioxidants especially help you fight the free radicals in the air to keep you cancer free.
* Vitamin D is a necessity Spend some time in the sun daily.
Try standing out- side your office and facing the sun between 8 am and 10 am.
This is one of the healthiest and most natural sources of vitamin D.
These habits will keep your mind clear all through the day, help you stay healthy and effective at work.

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