Movies can unite, protect our cultural values -Emir Sanusi

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Nigerians can use films to unite and project the country’s cultural values to the outside world, Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sunusi Lamido Sunusi II, has said.

Addressing the cream of the Nigeria movie industry, drawn from Nollywood and Kannywood, recently in Kano, Emir Sanusi stated that the artists from the South and North coming together to produce movies, using cultures and traditions of the people, would go a long way in creating unity in the country, especially now that Nigerians are divided more than before.

The former Chairman of Coalition of Nollywood Guilds and Associations (CONGA), Mr. Bond Emeruwa, who was in Kano for premier of Dan Birni Nagge Dadi Goma, had paid the emir a courtesy visit in his palace.

Emeruwa has at different times been president was Directors Guild of Nigeria, 2007-2001; managing director, Sage Studios Company, Lagos; and board chairman, Audio Visual Rights Society of Nigeria.

According to the monarch, for Emeruwa, who is a major stakeholder in Nollywood to come to Kano and premier a film, which he produced in Hausa, is not only commendable but worthy of emulation by other stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

Earlier, the movie producer said though he is the producer of the Hausa movie, it was directed by Falalu Dorayi, and coordinated by Ahmad Alkanawy.
He named the main casts in the movie to include: Suleiman Yahaya; Bosho Hadiza Gabon; Sani Sadiq Sani; Fati Washa Hajara Usman; Hassan Kano; Alhassan Kwalle; ; all from the Hausa movie industry better known as Kannywood.

Among guests at the premier were a powerful delegation of traditional rulers, that represented the emir of Kano, stakeholders in the movie industry, movie lovers as well as residents of the state.

Storyline of Dan Birni (Nagge Dadi Goma)
Nagode, and Maiguduma, a dubious aide to the Maigari, village head, are approached by a man that wants to buy land for large scale farming.

They could not pass up the opportunity, despite the fact they had no land of their own to sell. They set out at night to measure land that belongs to four other families with the intent of selling it.

While trying to measure the land with a flashlight. They see a female figure in white, from head to toe, floating fast towards the village. Scared out of their wits, they take to their heels.
Also scared, the figure takes off running too.

Meanwhile, Bosho, 50, always telling stories about far lands he has travelled to, sits in front of his house but within the walled compound, praying, when he hears the footsteps of people running past and screaming ghost!

He dismisses it as a prank till the figure in white runs into his compound. He upsets his chair, saying a quick prayer, as he dashes into his room and bolts the door.

This sets the pace for an enthralling movie full of action, comedy and suspense.

The return of Nagode’s younger brother, Nazir, and his wife, with all their worldly belongings from the city further complicates his already complicated life.
Nazir, who worked as a factory hand, had lost his job months ago when the factory folded up and life had been very difficult.

Now, with his wife very pregnant, he had decided to come back home and farm.
Nagode, trying to hide the fact that he had sold almost all the family land, will not have any of this and insists that he packs his things and goes right back to the city. This becomes the causes of constant fights and unrest.

Huwaila’s visit to Nazir’s heavily pregnant wife, Karimatu, with her very healthy-looking son, Ibrahim, gives her an opportunity to introduce Karimatu to infant and young child feeding.

In the course of the conversation, Huwaila tells Karimatu about early initiation, putting the baby to the breast within 30 minutes of delivery.

She does not realise Nazir’s mother, who has a habit of materialising like a ghost has walked into the room. The old woman listens for a moment in displeasure before interrupting angrily and rebuking Huwaila for misleading young girls, when they have an age-old tradition which has seen to the good health of mother and babies.

The news of the ghost in the village spreads fast, making it impossible for Nagode and Maiguduma to conclude their nocturnal assignment.

They have to conclude fast, since they have collected part of the payment to enable them survey the land and secure a deed of assignment stamped by the Maigari.

They approach Maigari with proposition to get ghost hunters to expel the ghost.
Bosho tries repeatedly to speak at the gathering, but Maiguduma and Nagode, expecting opposition from him kept interrupting and he is frustrated into keeping quiet.

Liman quoting from the Quran is against this. But the desperate co-conspirators cannot be stopped.

Nagode arrives with the ghost hunters and as the villagers gather to watch the colourful event, Karimatu whose curiosity has been sufficiently aroused goes over to visit Huwaila to hear more about her secret.

Bosho sitting outside cannot help overhearing their conversation as Huwaila explains the benefits of early initiation of breastfeeding to Karimatu. He marvelled at how she knew all these.
Basking in the euphoria of DanBori’s expelling of the ghost at night in Maigari’s house, they were shocked to see Bosho arrive followed by the ghost.
Everyone scampers to hid except Maigari and Liman.

Repeated calls to Bosho asking him to flee from the ghost walking behind him yields no result as the ghost follows him into the house and is finally revealed to be Hama, his niece.

This was what he had been trying to tell them but Nagode and Maiguduma won’t let him talk. The embarrassment is total and Liman is justified.

Nagode and Maiguduma are ready to conclude their land selling business. But then, the unconvinced Maigari refuses to put his stamp on the sales agreement.
With Nazir breathing down Nagodi’s neck to be given his share of the family land so he can sell part of it and start farming on the other part to enable him take care of his pregnant wife.

Karimatu is determined to practice all she learned from Huwaila but meets stiff opposition from Hama, Nazir and Nagode’s mother and other women in the community including the traditional birth assistants (TBA).

She manages to convince her husband and her mother though. The tension caused by this disagreement troubles Nazir so much he confides in Bosho.
Bosho further strengthens his belief by enumerating the economic benefits of exclusive breastfeeding.

Nagode on the other hand vigorously pursues his own selfish agenda of wooing Hama aside selling other people’s land.
By the due date, amidst protests by Nazir, she is delivered by the TBA and it takes the intervention of her mother and finally Liman to let Karimatu and Nazir have their way in interim.

The women stand by pitying Hama as they wait for the death of her grandchild. Hama’s convinced her son has been charmed.

With the baby born, Nazir is now desperate to get something to do. After a heated quarrel with Nagode, he threatens to report the matter to Maigari. Something that will spell disaster for Nagodi. This piles more pressure on him.
In the midst of all these, Maiguduma having seen Hawa on the road is incensed and wants to make her his fourth wife at all cost. This also puts him under financial pressure as he forces her to accept gift after gift.

Unknown to Nagode and Maiguduma, they are both vigorously courting the same girl and also depending on the proceeds from the illegal land sale to actualise their wish.

Bosho, now, very suspicious of the two men, hatches a plan to stop them. More so when he spots the two men meeting with strangers near DanMarka’s farm land.

The TBA goes crying to the Maigari. After reminding him of all the children she has delivered in the village for the past 45 years, she complains that the tradition has been turned upside down. That Bosho is spreading false information which will lead to the death of many children born in this village.

Maigari is surprised. She explains the tradition, which has existed from the beginning of time. That he must take action as fast as possible to avert a disaster.

Maigari promises to do something about it.

A fight over Hawa between the Maiguduma and Nagodi leads them to talking openly about their role in the illegal land deal as they try to prove to Hawa that each will soon be richer than the other.

Both go still as Bosho starts laughing. They are awe stricken as they realise their folly, their worst nightmare has come true.

Hawa hurries into the compound as Bosho stands laughing at the two men that are almost in tears.

This leads to a highly dramatic resolution of all the matters in the Miagari’s palace that sees justice done all round. It guarantees to leave you rolling on the floor.

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