Musa Abdulraheem, public servant par excellence

A life propelled by greed and selfish desires can never find accommodation in the annals of history. Also a public officer without vision and sense of direction but easily influenced by nepotism may never get far. Often times, this is a major problem in our clime.

It is however, heartwarming that in the face of this gloomy scenario, it is possible to still find few individuals blaze trailers whose sterling qualities distance them from the club of wreckers but propelled by service and sense of patriotism. Therefore, like the proverbial gold fish that has no hiding place, seasoned administrators stand out in public affairs.

Happily, Kogi State is blessed with one of such unique personalities in the person of Alhaji Musa Abdulraheem (alias Rogger), the current director of administration and finance (DAF), Department of Health in the FCTA.

Born to the family of Alhaji Musa Yusuf and Hajiya Saadatu Musa of Okene in Okene Local Government area of Kogi state on March 4, 1960, he rose to achieve greatness.

Since he assumed office as DAF in 2017, his tenure has being characterised by unparalleled patriotism, zeal, hard work and a demonstration of uncommon leadership propelled by the fear of the Almighty.

In this capacity, he has able to redefine the work ethics with an eye on the yearnings and aspirations of the workforce. This is what makes him the toast of every civil servant in the FCT.

He is a man of valour who cherishes excellence and can hold his own among his peers. As a matter of fact, he is a man of substance whose administrative acumen is worthy of emulation especially his eyes for details and excellence.

He had his primary school education at St Andrews Primary School Okene, secondary education at Ebira Community Secondary School, Ogaminana all in Kogi state.

Realising the value of education, he propelled himself for university education, following the release of his O’ level result of which he passed in flying colours.

He then proceeded to the University of Ibadan to study English. This choice was not strange in view of his excellent oratorical prowess and wealth of native intelligence.

When the position of DAF was declared vacant, the unwritten consensus of the administration of the FCT was that they needed somebody with both the administrative and financial acumen and the presence of mind to turn things around.

As a seasoned administrator, Alhaji Musa took up the challenge and approached his assignment with poise, humility and candour.

He is one man who believes in excellence and promotes it in all spheres of life. His humility knows no bounds as he respects anyone regardless of age.

His desire to get the best out of every situation is one philosophy that has really worked wonders, thereby catapulting him to the top.

His attitude to work has confounded many people as he handles every job with dispatch. There is no better way to confirm this than his regular presence at his duty post and the unprecedented record he has achieved. His stay at the FCTA still stands tall.

Alhaji Musa, known to be target-driven, does not give up until result is achieved. He is also a very passionate man about target; and people who work with to achieve results.

One leadership quality that endears him to many people is his great ability to live at peace with everyone including his detractors.

It is obvious that he learnt the values of leadership by example from his father, a famous community leader in Okene.

There has been no evidence to suggest that he harbours animosity against his critics as he takes life so easy but has been conscious of the wonderful hands of Allah. This accounted for the manner he easily forgives and forgets any wrong done to him.

His belief and commitment to the Almighty Allah is legendary as he believes in the Quran’s injunction which stipulates that, “Nothing is given unto man except he receives it from heaven.”

That concept has conditioned his attitudes to people in particular and life in general. On his guiding principles in life, he said, “You must try to put smiles on the faces of the people at all times. I believe that God has created me for a purpose and how you want to achieve this depends on you, but one thing in my mind is that when I die, I want to be remembered that I have done many good things to touch the lives of mankind in many great ways.”

As an apostle of teaching people how to fish than giving them fish, Alhaji Musa could spot talents from afar and nurture them to maturity. This is evident in the number of people he has helped in one way or the other to be gainfully employed with means of livelihood.

A man imbued with a natural barometer for gauging the mood of his people, he is resolved to make a difference in the health sector of the FCT.

He is loved by his community and accepted as a shining example of modern day philanthropist.

His philanthropic gesture stands him out as a man of rare humanitarian profile.

Isah, a public commentator, writes from Abuja.

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