Muslim group advises FG against fuel price hike in 2022

Ahead of plans by the federal government to remove fuel subsidy in 2022, the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria ( MMWG), has advised against any such action.

The group in a statement signed by its national coordinator, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi, in Abuja Friday, warned that any increase in fuel-price and electricity cost would aggravate the untold hardships on Nigerians and could precipitate a crisis that the nation would find difficult to control.

It described the planned decision as “’ill-advised” and that it could not be carried along with the “current insecurity problems of killing, maiming of innocent people, kidnapping for ransom and all sorts of banditry attacks we are facing now in the country.”

“Fuel price increase under whatever guise will have damaging multiplier effects on the livelihood of Nigerians and must be jettisoned,” it stated.

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