Muslims should use welfarism, education to tackle insecurity-Cleric

National Chief Missioner Ansaru-deen society worldwide Sheikh Abdulrahman Ahmad has called on Muslims to use welfarism and education to tackle the rising security challenges in the country.

Ahmad, who was the guest speaker at the 3rd northern state’s forum welfare conference of Nasrul-lahi-l-fatih society (NASFAT),  held in Abuja on Saturday, also identified lack of core values as one of the factors responsible for the menace.

He spoke on the theme: “Globalisation and civilisation, the cause of present insecurity welfarism to the rescue”.

The cleric  also called on all the inslamic organizations to embrace welfarism and education  in order to curb insecurity.

“We will see today that there is  wide spread of insecurity of lives  and property because our core values as a people is under serious severe seige. We are not as a people living our lives the way we should; that’s why today we see wide spread of  corruption.

“There is insecurity of life and property, kidnapping and all manners of sexual recklessness. People no longer fear Allah at all. We are no longer guided by divine principle, we are driven by greed and so many people have fallen victims of human greed, victims of human wickedness, victims of corruption, victims of so many things.

“We need to as much as possible approach this from the home, that is, we have to put our homes and families in order. Everybody will have to be responsible for the proper upbringing of their children.

” All of this calls for concerted effort, we cannot leave it to the government, we cannot leave it to the schools, we must take personal and individual responsibilities.

” Particularly, Muslims must take this responsibility of educating all. We need welfare da’wah at the level of the family, the school etc. Mosques have a lot to do.

This is not a time to antagonize , this is a time to organise. Do proper networking (through da’wah), go to villages”, Ahmad said.

He urged  Muslims to embrace and support welfarism to end the the global vices.

Speaking on the sideline of the conference, the Welfare secretary, NASFAT Utako branch, Abuja, Alhaji Lawal Dauda, said employment, empowerment and training of the Nigerian youths is one of the ways to tackle insecurity in the country.

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