Mustapha and Nigeria’s battle against COVID-19

If there’s any Nigerian in the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari working in tandem with the vision and the mission of the All Progressives Congress (APC), he is Barrister Boss Mustapha, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF. I watch Mustapha daily, I constantly follow his selfless service to the nation. I have come to understand and realise that he is one among many Nigerians who believe in Buhari’s unalloyed love for the country and desire to have a better Nigeria.

It’s an idea of Buhari he adopted to serve the country without being praised or attracting any attention. I see this man a silent achiever who achieved much for the advancement of the nation.

No wonder, a legendary ace broadcaster and an elder statesman from Adamawa state, Timawus Mathias, described the SGF as a man that is standing tall in leading against a rampaging force of COVID-19, a pandemic that’s crippling the global economies, Nigeria inclusive.

Mathias, in an article published recently, said that Mustapha throughout his life has given the best in every endeavour and stood tall and diligent, working against all odds to salvage the country. What a good and patriotic Nigerian.

“Your growth, education, career, family, business, politics, public service, and all. You have stood tall and diligent. Even this call to service as SGF, you came out of the blues. No one thought you had the fortitude to shoulder the national responsibility. But you have proved yourself faithful.

“I raise a hand to say we are proud of you as individuals, as associates, and as citizens of our state and country,’ Mathias said.

Boss Sir, today you crossed my mind, and it dawned on me the much sacrifice you have been making and for the social, economic and political development of Nigeria. Your huge achievements, your result-oriented lending voice to the leadership of the country are among a million times that you remain the man holding up the spirit of unity of Nigeria,l; a man with the agenda of a forward moving Nigeria and a backward never country. Indeed, you came out of the blues and serving the nation selflessly.

It’s a double task and trust that Mr. President is leaning on you to deliver our country out of the shackles of COVID-19 aside from the initial work of an SGF you are called to do. On this, many Nigerians praised the wise decision of President Buhari because the choice of you, Boss Mustapha, is no doubt the right one that can deliver the nation from the pangs of the coronavirus pandemic.

No wonder the gifted musician cum journalist, Mathias said: “It is daunting to be chairman of COVID-19 Presidential Task Force. You lead a fight against a rampaging force that has challenged every army in the world. In comparison, you deserve praise. Woe unto them who see 2023 scenarios when in good faith, typical of a believer, you are doing your duty to your President and our country as diligently as you can. That is being you and nothing more.

“All your life, you have given every endeavour your best, even this one. More grease to your elbows, and woe unto all detractors.”

Thank you, Sir, we are seeing the results, the country is gradually taken shape economically, the blanket of COVID-19 is steadily being unrolled, the country is seeing light at the end of the tunnel. You accepted to serve the nation, I and many others are seeing your works talking rather than you talking the works. You chose to be silent and your works speak volumes, loudly “realiding dreams and rekindling hope to humanity”.

You keep the respect of being a silent achiever, while the work of touching lives is making loud of your service to humanity. Truly, you are a gentleman. Boss, you earned the virtues of a great man whose mighty works are for God and humanity. With all this, I know history will be kind to you.

Today, Boss crossed my mind with his sincerity, I follow him and understand that the man in him will never want to have troubled nightmares being challenged by those who want him to break the norms for their selfish reasons. My close watch on this man showed me he disdains corruption and he can go about like an empty vessel making unsolicited empty promises. But he maintains a principle of his “Yes” is Yes, and his “No” is No. Like Mr. President, his legacy would never be registered with misappropriation, misrepresentation, miscalculation, exploitation, disintegration, retrogression, emptiness, and redundancy to our dear nation.

I see him working the work the way it should be worked. Under him, many have access and the opportunity to be what they ought to be. He helps in providing job opportunities, in our communities, Adamawa, for instance he brought about infrastructure in many areas. FCE Yola, FMC Yola, Hong LGA are few examples of where federal government’s works abound because he facilitated them. He provided many with job opportunities, many others are empowered for business.

For me, the Boss I see is a good man, I see another Nigerian who is without bias of all sort, a Nigerian who is a good politician, whose experience is borne out of many years of learning to ride the horse of glory for a better nation. In Boss I also see Adamawa becoming better. In him, I see Nigeria is truly bearing the emblem of our father’s land where unity, peace, and justice shall reign; a vision our founding fathers envisioned the country to be.

I’m privileged to have interacted with him on few exceptional occasions. The rapt attention accorded me convinced me to see the humility in him as a good virtue of leadership. I see him with the listening ear syndrome. Boss listens before he talks, he utters few words and gives one the floor for conversations while he listens – mark of a good leader.

This is probably one of the few politicians whose words are bankable and can be bought at a very high value of integrity and standard. He does not use words to impress or cajole anyone. I see and learn what others will say the “power of death and life is in the tongue.” It is in this man I’m learning a man’s image lays in the tiny mighty tongue under the roof of his mouth. My Boss, I respect the good communication skills in you.

As Nigerians pray in the progress and unity of Nigeria counting down to 2023 elections, I pray the will of God prevails by giving us leaders after His heart, leaders who possess the characters of the heavenly mandate, people who desire to see Nigeria better than it is. People like Boss, whose love for humanity is a flame burning in them to better the country with their good leadership qualities.

For me I feel, see and know Boss Mustapha has it all, to give it all to all Nigerians. Boss, you are the point of my prayers, I will pray (wait) until my prayers are answered.

God bless Nigeria!
God bless Adamawa state!!

Garba, FIMC,FMBDC, a journalist writes from Yola, Adamawa state via
[email protected]

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