My desire is to remarry – Fati Bappa Bararoji

Fati Bappa Bararoji, 18, stars in Kannywood; she owns a film production company called Bararoji Productions which has produced more than 20 successful films. Fati, a divorcee, hails from Kano state. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, she speaks on her rumoured death, marriage plans, business and other issues.


I was born and brought up in Fagge Quarters, Kano; the name Bararoji came about when I featured in a film and played the lead role with the name Bararoji. I was married to my cousin in Lagos, we had one daughter and I am now as free as any other woman because I am not married now. However, my desire is to settle down again and when am leaving this sinful world, to leave as a decent and dedicated Muslim.

You’re very pretty, rich, and educated; why have you remained single?

Well, it’s true I did my primary school in Fagge Quarters and my secondary school in Jigawa state and later obtained a diploma in audit and accounting from Federal College of Education, Kano. You asked me why am I still single despite my beauty; that is a question I cannot answer because even though I have series of admirers, God did not choose anyone of them yet to by my husband. There are some things in life that one cannot have control over, like when to come to this world, when to die, when to be rich and when to get married. Like I told you, I was married before by destiny, but the marriage broke up and here I am with one daughter and doing my business unhindered.

This boils down to the allegation that actresses hardly stay put when they get married. What do you have to say to this?

I don’t accept that because over the years, we have realised that some people come to us for different motives and when they are not successful, they will come up with the issue of marriage and after the marriage, they will create excuses that will lead to divorce. Some do marry us because they think we are rich, and after the marriage, even if they discover that we are actually rich, but they cannot control our wealth, they will prefer to go for divorce. So, you don’t have to blame us for all this, after all many of my colleagues got married and their marriages are successful. Only few of them did not make success of their marriages, and this is obtainable in all professions – lawyers, journalists, banks, traders, ordinary people, businessmen, name it, it is all over. So, we are not an exception.

How will you react to the news that you recently died in an accident?

I was shocked over the report because it is wicked for somebody to concoct a report that I died in an accident without reaching out to me or those close to me to find out the truth of the matter. The person even went on to say that I would be buried on the same day; that person must be somebody that knows me very well, but funny enough, up to the time of this interview, I have not identified the purveyor of that rumour. So, I am yet to know the person who originated the report of my death, because he never revealed his identity and my findings too did not reveal anybody’s identity. I tried to investigate the report through the person who posted it on the social media, but this too did not yield any positive result.

Tell us some of the things you have acquired through acting?

I have good businesses that I am handling apart from my Bararoji film production company. I performed hajj and lesser hajj countless times, I sponsored both my parents to the Holy Land, I do assist family members in need, including the less privileged. I have a very beautiful car that can take me anywhere I want, above all, I have two houses in Kano including this one I am occupying, and both houses are storey buildings. So, you can see that I am very comfortable in life and all these I acquired because I am an actress. I will never forget Kannywood though I am no longer as active as I used to be in the past five years.

Tell us your saddest day

Well, I can name two; one, my alleged death which I leave to God. But it is very wicked for somebody to wake up and speculate that Fati Bappa died in an accident and would be buried, that means whoever is behind that report is wishing me to die through a ghastly accident for that matter. Secondly, it was when I was engaged to be married, all my friends sew their Anko, the calendar of the marriage was printed, venue of the event was chosen, all necessary arrangements completed only for it to be postponed completely on the ground that the guy who was to marry me called my line which I did not pick because the phone at that time was not with me. And that was it, he was so bitter and cancelled the wedding, and later married another lady. These in some cases can give somebody a heart attack, but I took it in good faith as a Muslim and life goes on.

The version we heard was that the guy was in Kano and you were with him and that your family even prepared food for him, but somewhere his marriage was taking place. Is this version correct?

You see, at a point I made up my mind not to talk to the press again, but I am doing this because you are a mature person, and most of my friends that featured in your column, Kannywood, in Blueprint newspapers have never complained of you misquoting them or anything of that nature. So, whatever happened to me is now history, because the marriage has been cancelled and we are not planning to revive it, so let’s leave the sleeping dog to lie, no need to open up a healed wound. I am somebody who is so passionate about my religion, so I don’t complain about destiny because it is God that is in charge of one’s life.

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