My life changed for the better after Adam Zango evicted me from his house -Ummi Rahab

Ummi Rahab recently created tension in Kannywood when she engaged her former mentor Adamu A. Zango in a social media fight, even accusing him of harbouring a secret intention against her. According to Raham, when she discovered this, Zango came up with a proposal that he wanted to marry her. She made the disclosures to ALIYU ASKIRA in this interview.

So, what did you do when he proposed marriage to you?   

 I refused because I have been with him for a long time. At his young age, he married six times, and I also want to feel free, fall in love with whoever I want, and also lead my life the way I want it. He came up with stringent monitoring of my life knowing fully that as an actress, I have my life to live. So, he evicted me from his house and his films, Farin Wata, Shakallo, but I can tell you today that it is turning into a blessing for me.

Well, Ummi, what’s the secret of your good looks?

When Adam Zango evicted me from his house and dropped me from his film, Farin Wata, Shakallo, people thought my life would become miserable, but I moved on with my life in the way I want it and it has become a blessing for me. I am getting more engagements daily; I am into WUFF, a television series being produced by FKD, a company owned by Ali Nuhu. So, I am doing great.

Recently, you were seen on social media with a cellphone valued between N1.6 million and N3 million. Are you very rich?

Well, I heard many things about that phone, but I am proud to say that immediately the brand of the handset was seen with people who came with it from the marriage of Yusuf Buhari, I also got one from a friend. On whether or not I can afford it on my own, yes, I can because I am a little bit comfortable financially.

Maybe I should have started this chat by asking to know who Ummi Rahab is?

Well, I was born in Kaduna and later we moved to Saudi Arabia with my parents, but I came back to Nigeria to finish my schooling, even though I am still planning to go to university. When I came to Nigeria, I was not initially staying with Zango, but he insisted that I should come and stay with him because his first born, Haidar, aws fond of me. I accepted that and he treated me like a daughter, until he developed interest in me and things got worse. I told him I can’t marry him because I have a boyfriend and that we love each other so passionately. The guy is a singer, producer and film director; his nickname is Lilin Baba, but his real name is Shaiabu Ahmed Abbas.

Zango was mad at this and decided to drop me from his film and asked me to also pack out of his house, which I did. But it has become a blessing for me because today, I am already a celebrity and I have lots of projects coming my way. I hope to marry Lilin Baba if things work out fine, but generally, I am doing great and I am in great shape, the social media scandal has only opened my eyes to many things in my life.

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