My movies aim to educate society–Nura Hussein Ya Sayyidi

Nura Hussein Ya Sayyidi is the national treasurer of Motion Pictures Association of Nigeria. A picture of him holding hands with a woman that appeared in the social media recently attracted criticism to him and key players in Kannywood. In this interview with ALIYU ABUBAKAR ASKIRA he speaks on the picture, 2019 general elections and activities of Kaduna-based Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi.

I read several comments of people castigating you in the social media over a picture you were seen holding the hand of a woman. How did the picture end up in the social media?


Askira, you are my friend, and you have known me for a very long time. The woman in question is my wife, you even used the same picture they are talking about in one of the interviews you had with me.

I am vast in Islamic knowledge and those who know me very well know the type of roles I played in Hausa films, they are mostly to do with the menace of social vices. These movies are aimed at educating the society about what is happening around them.

You have expresses anger over a statement by Sheikh Ahmad Gumi referring to Muhammadu Buhari’s supporters as those under spell or cursed. Why are you particularly angry with Sheikh Gumi?


Late Sheikh Mahmud Abubakar Gumi spent his entire life preaching the gospel of peace and Islam, and it was because of that elders of Izalah Movement in Nigeria allowed his son, the controversial Dr. Ahmad Gumi, to succeed his father not that he was the most qualified at the time but because of his father’s selfless service to Izalah Movement that Dr. Gumi was asked to take over the exalted seat.

However, since then, he has been a source of embarrassment to the Muslim Community, remember at a time he was even arrested in Saudi Arabia and it took a serious diplomatic negotiation before he was released but he refuse to turn to a new leaf. Instead he has completely become a politician and a social commentator on issues that does not necessarily require his comment.

I want him to resign his position and join PDP which he is supporting openly and contest for elective office so that he can propagate whatever ideals he has in mind.


Some people are of the opinion that you and other Kannywood members lack the moral character to criticise a revered Islamic Scholar like Dr. Gumi?

I am in a very good position to tell Dr. Gumi that for him to say all supporters of Buhari are under curse or should be cursed by Allah is unfortunate.

I am supporting Buhari and will continue to support Buhari. Gumi is an open supporter of the PDP, going by his activities over the years and I have no regret attacking him in the social media.

You are very close to Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state, and Gumi has called for his resignation over the alleged bribery scandal that the governor was involved in?

It is true, I am a passionate supporter of Governor Ganduje, it is also true that I am a supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari. However, the video or bribery allegation by one Jaafar Jaafar against the governor is a mere allegation that is yet to be confirmed to be true or not.

How can Gumi, who claims to be a respected Islamic scholar, comment on an issue that is a mere allegation?


I am disappointed by him and we will continue to challenge him whenever he goes astray, I don’t have to be a member of Izalah Movement for me to challenge Gumi because the Holy Qur’an is only one and it is the same Holy Book that we and Gumi are relying on to worship Almighty Allah.

Gumi lacks the capacity to challenge Buhari or Ganduje on the pages of newspapers. If he wants to be in politics, let him register with PDP which he is supporting and contest for governorship of Kaduna state or any office for that matter. Then, when his people elect him, he can now make all statements that he wants as the representatives of his people.

But, Gumi is so respected that he was among those that reconciled former Vice President Atiku and Former President Obasanjo recently?

Among those that participated in the reconciliation process are even member of IPOB, these are the group of people you called respected Nigerians.

I have no respect for those who participated in that reconciliation process, to me, it was a political affair that Gumi is not supposed to be there if he respects the doctrine of his late father, who was revered by members of Izalah and other Islamic movements.

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