My only gain in politics is public respect -Nyako

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Adamawa state former governor Murtala Nyako has cautioned the people of the state against re-electing those he do not mean well for them.

He also urged them to be wary of those that believe in short-changing their people and deliberately undermining the development processes of the state.

Nyako gave this warning at the weekend in his residence in Yola while addressing a crowd of Fulani herdsmen who visited him.

He urged them to elect those that would provide their needs and be honest, just and fair to them despite the threat being meted out to them that their lands would be collected and their tittles removed, if they vote for a particular candidate.

“I heard that they are threatening you that if you vote my son (Abdulaziz ) you will be stripped of your title and your land will be collected. Vote for your choice and let your title and land be taken away so what about it?  When he came to power your land and title will be given back to you”

“Anybody that is now in power and have no sympathy for the people should be voted out and those without sympathy who are not yet there should not be allowed to get there.

“If you look at these people you know they don’t mean well for you. The time has passed when Adamawa people used to vote for blind people. People, who were ignorant of where the world is heading to, should not be voted for”, he said.

Further, he explained that his only gains in politics even as governor is the respect the people of Adamawa have for him due to his efforts to touch the lives of so many people and families through his administration’s policies and programmes.

“Since I joined politics and even served as governor, it has been a lost to me. My only benefit in politics is the respect you people have for me.  Had it been I did not join politics and become a governor most of you will not know me but joining politics made you to know that I am a good person.

“And we have lived in peace with you and this has accounted for the respect and high esteem with which you hold me, I can’t thank you enough.”

According to him, he has served the people of the state honestly and fairly but some people accused him of corruption but his joy is that for four years now he has been undergoing trial no single witnessed has testified against him that he has stolen public funds.

Nyako therefore called on the people to come out en mass to vote for candidates of their choice in Saturday’s governorship and House of Assembly elections.

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